Today we are going to prepare a delicious chamorro so you can enjoy it with your family

The ingredients you need are:

1 Pork Chamorro

Coarse salt

Black pepper c / n

3 tablespoons canola oil

4 cloves of garlic

1 onion

1 Chile güero c / n

2 tablespoons cumin powder

1 tablespoon dried oregano

5 tablespoons of guajillo chile marinade

330 milliliters of dark beer

Vegetable Broth

For the raw sauce

90 milliliters of mezcal

1 holy leaf

1 jalapeño pepper

100 grams of Leeks

2 tomatoes

And it is prepared as follows:

We will start cleaning the jacket, remove all the leather that covers it, add thick salt, pepper and seal in a pot with hot canola oil.

When it is very golden, we remove the chamorro from the pot and in the same pot, without washing, we will saute the chopped garlic, then add the diced onion, the ground cumin and the dried oregano, add the guajillo pepper and cook for some minutes

The next step is to add the beer, then add the sealed chamorros and cover with broth.

We let it cook for 2 hours and a half or until the meat of the chamorro detaches from the bone.

Serve the broth with the shredded pork.

The preparation of raw sauce:

In a bowl we pour the mezcal, add the finely chopped vegetables and the holy leaf, blend the tomatoes with a little of the same mezcal and add it to the bowl and ready your sauce to accompany your delicious chamorro to the beer.

You can accompany this dish with a white rice and nopales salad.