San Marino is one of the smallest countries participating on this years Eurovision. With only 30 000 people, this country is inside Italy. They have been participating in Eurovision many years, with the last 3 years done by Valentina Monetta.

Duet replaces Valentina’s struggle

With her very first song about Social Media. She got a quite bad start. Later she started to deliver songs that Europeans could accept more. Last year she delivered a song called Maybe which was one of hers best performances for sure. But she didn’t win.

20 days and 4 hours to go! (when I wrote this article) until it all starts

This year, San Marino sends this duet. Watch the video and make up your mind.

Distrita comment to this is song is that we are not sure. If you listen to it only one time, it doesn’t make such big impression. But if you hear it more, you can fall in love in it if you like that kind of music. We wishes Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola good luck with their Chain of Lights song.