After 19 years of no works on this Amiga title. A user on the English Amiga Board, managed to rescue the game on 9th of July 2016. It was on a defective HD from 1992, where the head stuck on platter. So Python1 user greets to the one that sent him the HD and to his friend that helped to save the game with his Amiga 1200.

Here is some Center Court 2 gameplay

Free on Aminet
So, Gernot Fritsche uploaded the 99% made Center Court 2 game, which was written in Blitz Basic and was intended for a commercial release in 1997 as it says on the readme that comes with the .zip release.

Needs AGA Amiga with more RAM
Requirement for running this game is an AGA Amiga that got 4MB RAM. So it will run on Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 and also an expanded Amiga CD32.

Mini Review
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lastability


Very nice gameplay in this game. Fun to control and the game itself is really fun. The sound effects are very nice in the beginning, however they can become a bit annoying in the longer run. But if you have fun, its not a big deal really. The lastability of this game is amazing and the view of the art and animations that the developing team did is actually very good.

Shame that it didn’t get a proper release in 1997, but then again. It is nice to see it be released for the public in 2016. Kudos for getting this game out. Really

Download it here

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