Have a look at Celera 500L aircraft – a revolution that will change the entire aviation!

Get ready to fly faster, further and higher! The long awaited bullet six-person aircraft Celera 500L is finally unveiled: Now, in late summer of the strangest year in the history of aviation, the Celera 500L aircraft has finally been unveiled to the world, with the launch of a new website and a series of very cool new photos.

The Celera 500L aircraft flies fast, further and higher!

Expect jet speed from this 6-person private craft, the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft available

What you can expect is is a private six-passenger aircraft that promises to fly at jet speed, but with eight times less fuel consumption and a range twice that of a comparable sized aircraft.
The company, which was founded in 2008 and is Otto Laboratories an offshoot of Bill Otto’s company, says the Celera 500L flies with fuel savings of 28 kilometers (or 18 miles) per gallon (3.7 liters). This is amazing compared to the 2-3 miles per gallon of a comparable jet aircraft!

The Celera 500L aircraft flies with 8 times less fuel consumption than other planes

The Celera 500L aircraft offers super-low operating costs

Add to that the modest operating costs of $328 per hour, which are about six times lower, and the generous range of 4,500 nautical miles. The maximum cruise speed is expected to exceed 740 kilometers per hour (or 460 miles per hour).

When this mysterious spherical aircraft was first sighted Southern California Logistics Airport near Victorville about three years ago, it caused much speculation in aviation circles.

Since it bore a strong resemblance to Chuck Yeager the famous X-1 test aircraft of the 1950s, it was the military website The War Zone that was the first to report that it was the work of the California-based Otto Aviation company, and that the development was very secret.

Cool new photos of the Celera 500L aircraft revealed

Now, in late summer of the strangest year in aviation history, the Celera 500L has finally been unveiled to the world, with the launch of a new website and some very cool new photos.

celera 500l aircraft photos
The Celera 500L is designed for transcontinental range with operating costs equal to or better than commercial airline ticket pricing on a per passenger basis. This criteria requires extremely low drag across the entire aircraft with a highly fuel efficient propulsion system. To achieve this, extensive use of laminar shapes was used for the wings, fuselage, and tail sections. Photo: OttoAviation.com

Imagine the convenience of private air transportation but at a significantly lower cost and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint. The Celera 500L allows this to become a reality and is being called the most significant innovation for private air transportation in decades.

OttoAviation’s official site for Celera 500L aircraft

Get ready for some amazing numbers. This is what Celera 500L aircraft will deliver:

  • 18–25 mpg fuel economy (a comparable jet aircraft gets 2 – 3 mpg)
  • $328 hourly operating costs (a comparable jet aircraft costs $2,100 per hour)
  • Max cruise speed projected to be in excess of 460 mph
Celeste 500L aircraft can fly at a Jet's speed with 8 times more significant Fuel Savings!
Celeste 500L aircraft can fly at a Jet’s speed with 8 times more significant Fuel Savings!

How can all this be real?

“The Celera 500L utilizes extensive laminar flow over the fuselage, wings, and tail surfaces to reduce drag and achieve superior aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency,” company officials said. “The manufacturing detail delivers cruise efficiencies unmatched by conventional aircraft while offering a clean-sheet design that will completely alter the way people and parcels travel,” according to GeneralAviationNews.

What we have before us is a private six-passenger aircraft that promises to fly at jet speeds, but with eight times less fuel consumption and a range that is twice that of an aircraft of comparable size. Laminar moulds were used for the wing and tail unit parts, and the fuselage makes use of an optimum length to width ratio. Bold claims indeed.

Amazing design

Superior comfort is delivered through a spacious cabin with a 6’2” height, plus six first-class equivalent seats that come in a customizable configuration, according to OttoAviaition’s official website.

Inside the cabin, the aircraft does not shy away from comfort, as the teardrop construction creates space. There are six seats in first class that can be individually adjusted and the cabin is 6 feet 2 high.

The current version does not come with windows in the passenger cabin, but the owner William Otto said the design is the same, according to Daily Mail.

Already proven to fly

Otto Aviation states on its website that 31 successful test flights have been carried out to date, and their aerodynamic efficiency has been proven in 2019, supporting the statement that “the Celera 500L is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft available”, according to Asia Times.

What kind of engine has the Celera 500L aircraft?

Power for the Celera 500L is supplied by a liquid-cooled V12 double-six cylinder engine of German RED design (A03), which offers the bestefficiency inits class. The rear-mounted engine is also certified to run on Jet A1 and biodiesel. The engine is currently the power source for the Russian Air Force Yakovlev Yak -152 primary trainer and is intended to power a number of other planes, including the Celera 500L aircraft, according to SimpleFlying.