Fun Factory on Sky Channel
Fun Factory on Sky Channel

Distrita have written many times about Sky Channel, but we haven’t mentioned Fun Factory! Now we found a Facebook site that focuses on bringing Fun Factory nostalgia to everyone. So, now we are pulling the Fun Factory notes to you!

From Sky Channels Fun Factory to a Facebook site

Like many kids in the 80s, I loved Saturday and Sunday morning cartoon tv. And the best cartoon tv show was; Sky Channels Fun Factory. Ask another 80s kid about this show, and they probably tell you, how they learned English because of this tv show. They tell you that cartoons were much cooler back then. Cartoons like He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, Transformers, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, M.A.S.K. ect… I’m shure you can almoust hear the intro-songs of these cartoons when you read this.

Impressive show with cartoons and Much more

For me the bit between the cartoons was just as impressive as the cartoons. First there was Mr P, Crocker and Snoot. Mr P was followed up by Andy Sheldon and Wally Blubb joined the Fun. I loved the intro music of the show, the songs, the games… and the cartoons were a big bonus. Saturday and Sunday morning were awesome.

Fun Factory T-Shirt offer advert from Sky Channel

Forgotten masterpiece that shouldn’t be forgotten!

Now it is the year 2016, and a lot of people don’t remember Fun Factory anymore. But we kids form the 80s decade never forget were we come from.

In my mind it is such a shame that in this age of internet and multimedia there is almoust next to nothing to find on Fun Factory. Little what I found is on the Fun Factory dedicated Facebook page. On my Youtube Channel I’ve made a video compilation to relive that Saturday morning feeling.

I’ve been in contact with the talented puppeteer Nigel Plaskitt, who played Crocker who gave me a few pictures, but not many pictures were taking then. The puppets are all gone. Requests to Sky got no reply.

Many great cartoons were introduced on Sky Channel

Visit Fun Factory Facebook page

I hope to be able to contact Andy Sheldon. And in the meantime I will update the Facebook page with all I got and can find. All of this to maintain ”Fun Factory Facebook page” were all are welcome to relive those great 80’s Saturday and Sunday morning moments. We Have the Power!!!


Written by
Chris Miwa