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Carlos Fandiño

Carlos Fandiño’s watercolors try to convey the labor of the “gauchos” (Uruguay’s traditional rural workers) as well as the life and landscape of his beloved homeland, Uruguay. In his artworks he attempts also to capture the symbiotic relationship between the “gauchos” and their horses (Specially with the “Criollo” horses, a breed legendary for their toughness, intelligence and stamina but also for their great elegance as well). He wants to translate into images the postures at work, the physical effort, the gestures (both of the gauchos and the horses), the costumes as well as the color ranges that are quite characteristic of the region.

His final intention is to achieve a representative but spontaneous work with almost improvised language devoid of details. Born in Montevideo in 1958, Carlos Fandiño has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Uruguay, Argentina, United States, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. Founding member and promoter of the first association of Uruguayan watercolorists (ACUA), he occupied the position of President in the period 2008-2011. His works are in private and governmental collections of several cities of the world. He currently exhibits at art galleries in Montevideo and Punta del Este (Uruguay). He dedicates his time to the creation and teaching of his art.


Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 16
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 17
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 18
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 19
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 20
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 21
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 22
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 23
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 24
Amazing art in 2020: Carlos Fandiño 25

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