Canberra LRT Open

Capital of Australia finally get their LRT back

On 20th of April 2019. The capital of Australia which is Canberra finally got a tram service back.

Since 1990, Canberra chose to have only bus services on the streets but with more and more people getting irritated because of bad air. The government of the town had to do something about it.

13 New Stations

No more chaotic Bus travel

With only bus services. The official capital in Australia needed this. 13 new stations with a totally new Light Rail service is really something for all people in this lovely town.

The route runs from Alinga Street in the city centre north to Gungahlin

Lacks Central Connection

No connection with the main train station

One of the most negative aspects about this new LRT service for people in Canberra is that it should have reached the main train station by now.

A LRT service should always be built between major service points at first. It does reach the city center but the lack of train station connection is something that should be built next.

Great New Service

European style of Travel

Just jump on. This new LRT service in Canberra is just one of many new light rail and tram services in Australia.

In Adelaide they extended their tram along North Terrace to East End with three stops, plus a short spur to Festival Plaza. That opened on 13th of October 2018. Then Newcastle got theirs on 18th of February this year.

Finally Australia is improving it cities. But please do it the right way. Please!