If we look at the 3 most YouTube views, then maybe it’s a sign of who might win or not!? But as everyone should know, everything depends on how Europe votes and how the jury votes.

Here is the YouTube official numbers at the moment when this article was made!

1st. Poland
Michał Szpak – Color Of Your Life
Views on YouTube: 4 201 828

2nd. Malta
Ira Losco – Walk on Water
Views on YouTube: 4 166 074

3rd. Australia
Dami Im – Sound Of Silence
Views on YouTube: 3 911 041

Anything can happen at Eurovision Song Contest
Everything at this years Eurovision is very unknown. If one of these artists goes further from the semi-finals during the week onto the final on Saturday, they might have a chance of winning maybe?

Time schedules:
1st semi-final: 10th of May (Tuesday)
2nd semi-final: 12th of May (Thursday)
Final: 14th of May (Saturday)

All of the shows starts at 21.00 (9pm) local time. But if you live in Australia, which have sent Dami Im that got quite good scores at almost every ranking. Then you need to wake up pretty early. Yes, SBS (the Australian broadcaster) shows Eurovision Song Contest there at 5.00 (5am) in the morning on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.