Calimero is a powerfull DTP program for MorphOS, that is totally free to use. This new and power rich program features thing like support for AmigaGuide, MicrosoftWord 2003 XML and TXT (also in UTF-8). You can additionaly export the documents in PDF, ODT (OpenOffice) and EPUB!

Calimero 3.82 is out for MorphOS
Calimero runnin on our MorphOS desktop machine

Here is some of Calimeros Features

  • Import AmigaGuide, MicrosoftWord 2003 XML, TXT,UTF-8 encodet TXT,
  • Export AmigaGuide, PDF, TXT, ODT, HTML, UTF-8 encodet TXT, EPUB
  • Postscript Printer Support
  • Multipage handling
  • Treated long pages
  • Multi Column handling (up to three columns)
  • Support of Softpagebreak and Hardpagebreak
  • Header/Footer
  • Separators
  • Hyperlinks in text and grafic)
  • Textwarping
  • Rowstyles (Paragraph/Header 1 – 4)
  • Lists
  • Table of Contents
  • Backgroundtexture
  • Vectorshapes and – text
  • FTP Client (to upload whole websides on a ftp server)
  • Full multitasking (a main task and three sub render tasks)
  • Full object-oriented system
  • Render up to 100 barcode types
  • Automatic hyphenation
  • Spellchecking
  • Tables
  • Spreedsheeds

Calimero is getting better and better. Now in this new version, the developer Carsten Siegner have improved lots regarding ODT and EPUB export functions in the program. He also added tables support in ODT and EPUB. Fixed textwrapping around pictures and Enabled Textwrapping around Tables in the program. For beein a FREE program, this features and fixes is amazing!

Enable and Fixing Facts

  • Fix a bug in Text copy/paste
  • Enable tables in EPUB
  • Enable tables in ODT
  • Bugfixes in ODT and EPUB
  • Fixes textwrapping around of pictures
  • Enable textwrapping around of tables


Download it from Aminet Here