We have visited Cafe Le Rustique, located in Sofies gate 16 in Oslo. Check out which experiences we got!

Le Rustique was founded  by 2 Chilean brothers, Paulo and Robin Letelier. Today they have 3 restaurants in Oslo, in Majorstuen, Torggata and that we visisted, Bislett. It is located in Sofies gate 16. Maybe not the easiest one to find, but after a little walk from the tram we came there.

It was a small cafe, but it had many customers and looked okay. At the counter we found Paulo, one of the owners. He gave us good service. Their menu was’nt huge. They had some pizzas, salads, soup, empanadas, panini and Todays speciality. Michal ordered empanada together wit a coke, and I ordered Todays speciality, which was a sandwich with pork fillet, tomatoes…


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