The construction of Bybanen (Light Rail Tram line) to Fyllingsdalen is starting and also the new line will certainly be finished in 2022. The brand-new line will certainly run between Kaigaten as well as reaching Fyllingsdalen terminal using Haukeland as well as be roughly 9 km long. The driving time is calculated to only 18 mins when it is completed.

Below you can follow the development of the Bybanen development website

Development of the Bybanen and future public transport is moving nicely. If you understand Norwegian or know how to translate a site to English. Check out Skyss website about their progress here.

Public transportation will certainly be used by much more clients in the years to come. This therefore of the truth that there will certainly be extra citizens in the city, and that it is a purpose that private auto traffic needs to not enhance, however preferably go down. As a result, the cumulative network toughness in Bergen. The city rail network will certainly be expanded, and also the future public transport network in Bergen will contain an incorporated bus and rail system. Even with a completely created city rail network, it is estimated that roughly 60% of public passenger transportations will be driven by bus. Skyss, therefore, puts up an effort for both the city and bus. But the bus service must be adjusted to the metropolitan rail network, so that it covers one of the most possible traveling requirements, and also boosts the capability of the areas that are most popular, within spending plan.

Skyss’s traffic plan for Bergen claims that the extension and also fortifying of the city trunk network are important. Consequently, it is intended that today’s line 4 (Hesjaholtet – Oasen – Sentrum – Åsane – Flaktveit) ought to have proceeded which today’s line 12 in the Fyllingsdalen (Oasen – Smiberget – Ortuflaten – Lynghaug – Sentrum) will have more departures as well as be driven with articulated buses. Line 12 will, in 2020, get a brand-new line number, line 5, and the route will be a little various. Then, the line will path by means of Kalfaret to Haukeland, and also further to Sletten. It is planned that these two lines (line 4 and future 5) will certainly go across which generally after the city rail has actually opened up in 2022.

Changes for the Trolleybus Line 19

From 2020, today’s line 19 will certainly likewise be slightly different. All journeys on line 19 will finish at Løvstakkskiftet, as well as the line will certainly be expanded north of the center to Åsane terminal. Today’s deal in between Oasen as well as Løvstakkskiftet will certainly still be prospered by teams like a neighborhood bus line.

In addition to this, there were no certain course adjustments, however, the growth of the urban train to the Oasen (2022) as well as the building and construction of a new Sotrasamband (2023) will cause adjustments in the general public transport solution in the Fyllingsdalen area. When the city lane opens, the route and also offerings on lines 14, 18, 25 and also 28 will be thought about. And also when opening the Sotrasband, the lines that bind together Fyllingsdalen, as well as Laksevåg (23, 24 as well as 47), will be thought about. It is not a given that the deal will be decreased, however, the deal should be adapted to the metropolitan lane’s path, and that about new Sotrasamband will be focused on enhancing the bus solution between Storavatnet, Loddefjord, as well as Oasen.



Source: Skyss – Photosource: Helge Kvalheim