In a few months, you will be able to take the Light-Rail (Tram) line called Bybanen in Bergen, Norway all the way from Bergen center to Bergen Lufthavn (Airport). However, from today 15th of August 2016, you can take it all the way to Birkelandsskiftet that is just 2.4km away from the airport.

Video shown at the Opening to Birkelandsskiftet

Still a short Bus connection for Bergen Light Rail passengers

To and from Birkelandsskiftet, you can take a shuttle bus to the airport from today. However. In a very few months, you will be able to sit comfortable on Bybanen all the way between Bergen center and the airport without changing to busses. This will be a great releaf for the nature around Bergen area as trams is for sure a much better choice for keeping the enviroment green. Bybanen has also bought new xtra long wagons that will be able to take even more passengers.

Map of Bergen
[osm_map_v3 map_center=”60.368,5.29″ zoom=”9″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

Light Rail Public Transport Network in Bergen, Norway with Many tunnels

Check out on how the Bergen Ligh-Rail map looks now. For tunnel lovers, this Light-Rail line is a tram line that needs to be tested. The line got more than 7 quite long tunnels, however none of them got a underground station yet. This will change though, as when the line is extended to the airport it seem like that station will be the very first underground Light-Rail station in Norway.  Follow Distrita as we intend to be in Bergen on the day when Bybanen last station will be done.

About Bergen
Bergen is Norways second largest city with about 278000 living in the city area. Bergen is known for beeing world’s wettest city, but it also got 7 mountains that makes sure this stats holds. Another interesting fact is that Bergen is now a municipality in Norway, in the county of Hordaland since 1972. Yet another note about Bergen reveals that the town was the capital of Norway. However, King Haakon V changed that. He lived between 1299 and 1319.

When it comes to trams, the city had a quite extensive tram system but once the cars and busses started to gain popularity the town threw all of its trams into the fjord! The last line closed in 1965, but as the years has passed the citicens wanted the tram back for many years. So in 1995 a ligh rail system was proposed in 1995, but it took exactly 15 year until Bybanen Light-Rail started to operate. In a country with so much oil money, we at Distrita thinks it should have taken Much less time. But thats how politics is done I suppose.