When You buy Android smartphone today, then you do something really smart. This operating system for mobiles by Google is Sky Rocketing! Mostly because of Samsung and Huawei that is becoming more and more popular because of their touch smartphones.

Apple is on the other side of the mobile operating system border. They iPhone smartphone products that got really popular and still is because of their easy to use philosophy. They are popular almost everywhere in the world today, but once people understand how little you can do with them compared to Android. They will decline in the end. iOS simply doesn’t give you as much control as you do with Android.

So, because of iOS having so many strict rules made by Apple. You really see why Android is sky rocketing today and is sort of parking Apple in the sea!

Not only is Apple parking itself. They do block innovation! This is something that Google isn’t doing, even though they love to track people to gain income. Google actually do let their partners explore and introduce new ways of using a smartphone. One of them is the qwerty keyboards. They are simply amazing in this field.

Buy Android with Qwerty Keyboards improves Android experience a lot

Including supporting bluetooth keyboards like the iOS devices does. Some Android supported companies brings the best mobile usage experience from other operating systems over to a smartphone Android experience. With qwerty keyboard. Smartphones with Android becomes a very valid good reason to buy Android device today. Especially if you love to write a lot.

Here is our 7 Great reasons for getting a Qwerty Keyboard Smartphone Android phone. Its based on my BlackBerry keyONE usage experience

  1. Less fat on the screen because of less touch on the screen itself
  2. Shortcuts on every key to whatever you want them to be assigned to
  3. Write everything on letter keys that you feel is pressed instead of writing on a flat  touch glass
  4. Scroll the desktop or any website by just swipe up and down gently on the keys
  5. Swipe the Android Desktop screen from page to page by gently touching the keys
  6. When writing. Swipe from right to left to wipe out the line you are writing
  7. Add the suggested words by swiping the finger gently upwards when writing a text. You don’t need to use the touch functions at all

On HTC Z and Galaxy S with keyboard the functions of the qwerty keyboards are different. But with TCL boosting their sales with their BlackBerry keyONE and BlackBerry KEY2 phones. These brings new era to Android. Because sometimes you need to deliver products for all kinds of people. Not all loves only touch. Read this Apple. Maybe you do something about it ?



Source: Distrita Own Experience

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