On 25th of October, Hyperion announced a Bugfix update for their Workbench 3.1 Update. This bugfix availability of their previous new Workbench 3.1 release, have given their Workbench 3.1 (40.43) two small fixes on  reported issues.

Registered customers can download the update for free from the restricted download area on the Hyperion Entertainment website, while new customers will automatically get the fixed version when they buy it.


  • FIXED: The Workbench disk image was not bootable
  • FIXED: The installation script could wrongly copy the contents of the Install disk into FONTS:

With our a bit harsh article regarding Hyperion and this release. It is really interesting to see that Hyperion forgot to check if the Workbench disk image was bootable. Our conclusion for this release is the same as for their first Workbench 3.1 update release. At least sites like osnews.com now have put this on their frontpage, so even if the price and what you get isn’t so much to scream “HOORAY” over.. it is a nice Amiga promo touch.