The Brussels government has just approved the proposal by Brussels Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet (SP.A) on Thursday. This means that the new tram network extension plans will be worked out over the next two years. He expects the new tram lines to be operational within five to six years.

Tram extension to Molenbeek

The first of the two new tram lines in Brussel aims at connecting  Rogierplein with the Belgica metro station on the border between Jette and Molenbeek, via Thurn & Taxis.

The proposed route goes from that station via the Belgicoaan, the Vanderstichelenstraat, the Picardstraat, the new Picardbrug, the Bolivarlaan, via Noordstation to the Rogierplein. The tram thus runs along the site of Thurn & Taxis.

The line will serve not only the civil servants of Brussels Environment and the Flemish administration and employees of various companies but also the future residents of the new residential area at the Maritime Station.

A tram to Thurn & Taxis has been talked about for a long time, but the plan was scrapped in 2014. Now the line seems to come anyway.

Tram Tunnel Brussels Tram Expansion

photosource: Distrita – Tram in Brussels Belgium Europe

Neder-Over-Heembeek will also be Reached

The second tram line is proposed to connect Rogierplein with the Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek. That tram line will start at Van Praet where the line is connected to the current tram line 3 and tram line 7. It runs via the Vuurkruisenlaan and the Oorlogskruisenlaan to the Solvay site and the Military Hospital.

In this part of Brussels, the tram line will also respond to an emergency. Minister Smet refers to the new national center for parcels from Bpost and the Solvay branch.

Tramline building effect after the Tram line 9 Extension in Brussel

Earlier this year. The tram line 9 (from Simonis to UZ Brussel) and tram line 8 (with a new section between the Tram Museum and Roodebeek) were inaugurated.

“Experience shows that there is a real ‘tram-line effect’,” Minister Smet reacts enthusiastically.

“The whole zone around a new tram line gets a huge boost. I am sure that this will not be different with these two tram lines. “

Trams or Light Rail lines is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly transport systems ever made. To see that Brussel focuses on expanding their network is fantastic. Brussels is one of the cities in the world that manages to do what many other cities should do. Expand their tram network.

Kudos to Brussels.


Source: Bruzz