From the people behind the cocktail bar and craft distillery Himkok and Munnskjenk there is coming a new and exciting concept in Oslo which is named Brugata Landhandleri. This is something we at Distrita have been looking forward to. We have passed by it several times and found it so exciting that we had to give it a go. They have many tables and chairs outside where you can sit and relax on a sunny day. When it’s getting dark they have a beautiful lighting on the facade and small lights are hanging in the small backyard between the local supermarket and their bar. Brugata Landhandleri is not just another typical bar.

Brugata LandhandleriBrugata Landhandleri – A house full of exciting projects

Brugata Landhandleri unites many things inside of one house – a cafeteria, cocktail bar, gourmet canned wholesale store and more. In the future they will even have a local farmers shop at the entrance. This is THE Unique Place where you can come all days of the week, no matter if it’s for a morning coffee, lunch on the go, some small evening snacks or a glass of wine with your friends, family or colleagues. Here you can order a juice or a cup of tea and work on your laptop without being disturbed by anyone else. They have Free Wifi as well.

Trendy design and interior style

The interior of the house has got a complete makeover. The designers replaced the old windows with larger ones which make the room feel much bigger and brighter than how it looked in the old venue of “Den Røde Mølle”, the old bar that was there before. We really like the welcoming atmosphere in the first floor which consists of the coffee bar. It is open from 7am so if you are an early bird, this is the the new place for you. You have lots of space, at the same time you don’t feel it’s too quite. The roof is painted light pink. The floor is green. The chairs are red. The rest is a mix of white and wood.

Brugata Landhandleri MenuPortuguese kitchen and affordable eating

Their healthy breakfast options give you some sandwiches, salads, muesli and egg dishes to choose from. The lunch menu consists of 4 Portuguese simple dishes for everyday life to choose from. You can expect to find sardines, patee, tuna and octopus on the menu. We decided to go for their “Bifana” (79 kr / $9). It is a delicious pork sandwich.

“Modbar” gives much better eye contact with the customers

We also ordered a cappuchino from their “Modbar” machine. The built-in coffee machines are imported from United States and minimize the space on their kitchen. That’s why they could place it in the counter in front of their kitchen and not behind of the counter like most other cafeterias do in Oslo. And we have to admit it’s a smart trick. In this way they don’t need to leave the customer while they are preparing the hot drinks, and can keep talking and be social all the time until they give you the cup.  The investment of the Modbar machines pay out in better relations to the clients and hopefully even more loyal visitors.

Brugata Landhandleri CoffeeThe coolest cocktail bar with longdrinks and “taptails”

Also on the second floor they have the same strategy to stay closer to the guests while they are preparing the drinks and cocktails. The second floor is a bit darker and it is a cozier place to enjoy a drink with your friends after work. The chairs look comfortable and have different colors. They even have a small outdoor patio which you can access from the second floor. Since you have plenty of space to romp on, there is no need to leave the bar after just one drink. At Brugata Landhandleri you can easily order a glass of wine while your friend order a cocktail or a beer. There is no certain rule for what you should drink here. The home made cocktails will be served as longdrinks and they promise high quality and only fresh raw ingredients. You can also try out their mojitos and pina coladas as “taptails”. Here you also can order just some yummy snacks to have beside of your drinks, like some delicious cheese or ham. A bit later in the evening they may have DJs, and the bar will close at 1am or even later in the weekends.

Brugata Landhandleri CocktailsBrugata Landhandleri – A Mix For Everyone

Brugata Landhandleri is a mix of the Mediterranean kitchen and lifestyle. It’s a mix of coffee and cocktail. It’s a mix of grocery shopping from local farmers and imported quality products. It simply is Brugata Landhandleri, that will make sure that the area Brugata will have a variety and take care of the locals as well as the tourists. Yeah, at this place there is something for everyone.

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Where is Brugata Landhandleri located?

Address: Brugata 9, 0186 Oslo.

Just take tram 11, 12, 13 to the Brugata stop or just walk from Jernbanetorget. There is a renovated hotel next to it, the Thon Hotel Spectrum and the new bar Abelone.

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Check out their Facebook site here.

Stay tuned. We will update you with more new places in Oslo soon.