Most of the world is now in shock, because of Great Britain (UK) signed farewell with EU thru their Brexit day on Thursday 23rd of June 2016. Most of media is quite shocking to read today as they focus on how bad it will be and how much disaster it will cause when UK leaves EU in 2 years time. However we need to think positive at the future, so I had to write an article about UKs future.

We have found out that Brexit can become the total oposite thing! It is the people of UK that have voted and people have voted to no EU membership. There are media writing about the young and the older people. They write about how badly the younger people wanted UK to stay in EU and how much the older people wanted to leave. But the fact is that many young people also voted against EU also.

Here is our Positive Brexit Reasons!

1. Health
Look at Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Here we have 3 countries that isnt members of EU, but where life is easier and more calm in every way. In these countries the living standards are in general higher than in most of the EU countries today. Iceland especially is a very good example. Even with their economic failure, they managed to pull the country in right direction after 4-5 years. Yes, they are a small country with very low population. But their internal policians and politics made this possible without help from EU or USA. So, a UK outside of EU might even give its population a better life without EU telling them what to do!? Interesting thinking for sure!

2. Schengen
I doubt that UK leaving EU will have that much affects. Even though UK is part of EU, they havent been part of Schengen that makes it possible for Europeaens to cross borders without showing visa. When UK will leave EU, the border passings will be the same and the Eurotunnel will be used as before. There will be no changes in this. Ohh, and you might dont know but Norway isnt part of EU but part of Schengen. So this agreement is different than EU, but many thinks its the same but its not!

3. Euro
United Kingdom is as with Scandinavia (except for Norway) part of EU for now but none of these countries uses Euro. Same goes with Poland and Chech to just name a few. So even with UK leaving EU this point wont change neither. UK is in too much love with their strong Pounds, while Sweden and Denmark still uses their own currency called Kroner. Norway and Iceland also got Kroner, but are not part of EU!

4. Politics
Without EU politicians telling you what to do. UK might even higher its living standards a lot. If politicians goes the same way as Iceland which is doing very well outside of EU. Then UK can have a really bright future. I am not writing about Norway in this case as its politics and oil makes it not compatible in this context. Iceland is living of fishing and tourism for the most. There are also big media companies and respected TV channels like in UK, but focusing on Iceland only. UK might even actually learn something very good tips from Iceland.

Brexit might sound harsh and people who likes EU is in shock. But just look at the countries outside of EU today. The world isnt going under. The markets might be shaken today, but the future for the British people seems to be even brighter than ever. This voting was peoples in UKs wish to do and now UK goes into a new future with new challenges. Distrita team thinks that the British future is bright and that it seems like EU didnt really change Britain and now all these anger and frustration is gone for many. There are always downsides to changes like this, but they arent as bad as the media wants it to be. And KUDOS to Putin in Russia for not commenting what happened. Its not their or my bussines at all. This was the choice of the British people and now your leaving EU. You choose to do so, and now your minds and eyes can look towards countries that have managed to be alive and even voted to be the best countries to live in.

Distrita own Experience