Brazil Carnival begins forty days before Lent and is a secular celebration that welcomes religious deprivation. It is a tradition that finds its first origin in ancient Rome, where the Carnival were given in order to welcome the spring

These Roman traditions survived and became famous Renaissance European culture. They were part of the celebrations that occurred in some ballroom dancing, where used clothing, masks or costumes and where could often confuse people of all social classes. These forms of celebration came to America through conquest.

We should note that these celebrations are not exclusive to Brazil, but were developed in various parts of Latin America. However, a second, predominant in the tradition of Carnival in Brazil, the African influence, has much more presence in the Brazilian Carnival in others that are made in America.

We owe it to this influence, the introduction of traditional dances and music like Samba, among others. The passion that is printed at the Carnival and overflowing the streets in a singular joy of colors and music. 

Carnival in Brazil is composed of various elements and occurs in different ways in each of the cities where it is held. We can say that in general terms consists of wearing costumes or costumes, visitors and participants of the Carnival.

The music and dancing, which depends on the region where the Carnival is taking place, for example, in some cities is not the most Samba music and enjoy dancing in Carnival times.


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

In the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro will find various elements that occur around the celebration. In a first step we must take into account that it takes place in the Sambadrome, Marques de Sapucaí, which was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, and is considered one of the great beauties of the world. And that Carnival is developed around Samba schools, which are organized according to their experience, and know which is competing for the best.


To do each of the schools presented in the exhibition parade a float, which is organized around a theme. These topics can be diverse and usually are of such beauty, to see the parade is an apotheosis of all the senses. In many cases the issues presented by the schools are of great depth and leave much more than color and joy to the senses.

Besides the school parades and partying around the Sambadrome, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro offers exclusive private parties or galas in which we participate and which are of great beauty. Definitely the Rio Carnival is a unique experience.


Other options in the Brazilian Carnival

As mentioned the Carnival is celebrated throughout the country, so we have the opportunity to see an entire tourist offer in Carnival time. Some of the recommended sites and celebrating the festival of Carnival are Bay, we will find the Carnival of Salvador, and is the birthplace of Samba.


Búzios, beautiful beaches that are combined with the joy of Carnival in Brazil, and other sights that surprise us with their architectural and natural beauty. We do not need more reasons, it’s time to start our journey to the Carnival of Brazil, to the magical world of Samba.



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