Bordeaux in France just Extended Light Rail Line C by 1.4km

If you haven’t been to Bordeaux then you should visit it. It is the 9th biggest city in France with a population of 250,776 according to Wikipedia. That makes the city population on pare with Bergen in Norway.

However, the Bordeaux Light Rail system consists of 3 lines that cover about 65.5km in length. It was opened back in 2003 and is now covering most of the city. Bergen is Now finally constructing its second line, however!

Line C got Extended on 2nd of February 2019

On 2nd of February, Line C was extended from Vaclav Havel to Villenave Pyrénées which is about 1.4 km. It means that the new end stop for Line C is now Villenave Pyrénées.

All of the lines meet in the city center. Which is handy for anyone traveling to this city. There is something with the French cities outside of Paris. It seems to me like they care much more about their people. Paris is a mess with many different systems that aren’t compatible with each other even. This makes it very irritating.

Bordeaux on other hand has managed to construct their relative new Light Rail network as they should. The city got one system which is what Paris lacks!

Comfortable Alstom Citadis Light Rail wagons

The Alstom Citadis 402 & 302 wagons that transport thousands of people each day are nice and comfortable to sit in. Their noise is minimal too.

Part of the system uses a ground-level power supply named as APS. There is no overhead wire, and electric power to the tram is supplied by a center rail with only the portion directly under the tram electrically live. This prevents the electrocution of pedestrians and animals. The system is similar to the ones used in Luxembourg and in Brazil.

With this system, the city simply looks so much more beautiful. Also with fewer cables in the air. You prevent birds from doing what they can do!

Line D under Construction in Bordeaux

This is a new 9.8km (6.1 mi) line that will run in the northwest part of the town from Bordeaux through Le Bouscat, Bruges and Eysines, ending in Le Haillan.

Construction on this new Line D started in 2018. It will take some time before this one is open for the public. But it is nice to see Bordeaux do expansions. Green thinking is what we love!

Source: Urbanrail Net