wpid-dsc_0948.jpgHere is a important review of the cheap Boom20 Water Speakers. Many sites would have stopped here, and told you to step away because of reasons that I cannot agree with. Yes they are cheap and yes the water fountain idea might get the impression of gimmick speakers to just sell. Here in Norway and Sweden a store called Clas Ohlson is selling them without a name on their site, while I found Boomchair.com selling them for bit more even if they sell using USD. Ive got them at Clas Ohlson for 200,- NOK but usually these water speakers costs 349,- NOK there. Boomchair.com sells them for $50 which is 368,- NOK. I wonder why its more expensive there?

The Speakers!
I was supposed to not write so much about the price, but I had to finish it before writing about the sound. Because I am really surprised about these water speakers. They are all USB-only powered, which means that you need a empty USB connector for it and also a audio connector free. The cable which connects the two speakers together is also a standard cable which you can easy buy again if its lost.

How do they sound!?
They actually sounds great. Its not HI-FI and they have a very thin bass, but for be marketed so cheap they do their job perfect. These speakers can be easy installed in any room. Children as adults will love them. Adults that likes to travel to different computer parties will have fun as they aren’t too loud but make lots of nice lightening due to its led lightning fountains. Also when having them beside a Playstation or to nostalgia machine like Amiga or Commodore 64. They are especially great for use with racing games. They add effects and shaking to your table. Just try Stunt Car Racer for Amiga. I did and its simply cool.

These speakers are for those which wants a higher end basic PC speakers with water fountain effects. You can turn the water effects off if you want and they also got volume and power buttons. They have given me nice time both away and at home at least.

My conclusion to this review is that if you want not so expensive speakers that do something extra for your week. They are the perfect choice for you! But if you want quality HI-FI sound they are simply to weak.

Distrita Score: 7/10