Travel, Iceland: In Europe we have many different countries. They are all connected by land “almost”… but Iceland is far away actually. Its nearer Greenland (which is Danish). They have their own language, culture and life up there. Its a island that movie makers love, because of its beauty.. and now you can follow blue whales around Iceland!

One hundred blue whales live in the waters surrounding Iceland, according to the Marine Research Institute of Iceland (Hafró).

Two of these biggest creatures ever to have lived on earth, even bigger than the biggest dinosaurs, were marked with GPS senders on May 29, just north of Húsavík, North Iceland, enabling researchers and the public to follow their paths.

The whales live in the waters around Iceland during the summer but during the winter they travel as far as the waters west of Mauritania in West Africa, 5,200 km (3,300 miles) from Iceland.

The heart of a blue whale is the size of a car and their blood vessels are large enough for humans to swim through.

Click here and here to see the whales paths.