Blue Metal Rose is out with Anna

The German indie-pop group called Blue Metal Rose is now out with their newest song called Anna, that is a powerful indie-pop song that is as good as any of the songs that the group produce. Here Alice sings brilliant in this new song. Her voice is very powerful and the musicvideo that they’ve used for it matches it. With Amiga roots and vibes, this group as with Paula Powered and other musicians using Amiga shows that they are on the top of that list for sure.

See Blue Metal Rose with Anna playing on Amitopia TV here

More facts about Blue Metal Rose
The group members are Patrick Nevian, Alice Schmidt and Stefanie Mastalerz. They have released 3 albums called Spreading the Seed, The Cage of Love and Farbenfrohe Welt. Now their next album called Love and Fear which will be Realeased in June this year! Distrita and Amitopia is looking forward to this release.

Blue Metal Rose Anna Verdict
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Our Final Words

All of the nice indie-pop elements is in this song. Alice sings very nice and I must say that this is one of their strongest songs until now. It seems for us that Blue Metal Rose have risen in quality a lot and Alice is as beautiful as ever. The twists here between Love and Fear is strong and its beautiful to see that everything works together. The video is very colorful, but the smoke should be used a little bit more, then it would be perfect. Sometimes I even get some Rammstein vibes when listening to this song, but then it lands on Blue Metal Rose own genre. A very powerfull song that gets full score here at Distrita.

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