If you love indie-pop that is a bit darker and more powerful for your soul, then Blue Metal Rose is a band that gives you the perfect type of music. They claim on their website to not be a metal band on their website, but some of their songs have some Rammstein vibes over them. You can watch Amitopia TV Blue Metal Rose Special on YouTube with songs that are really hard but fair for your ears. But Blue Metal Rose also got other type of music types that are much more pop alike. The latest single is an example on that. The title is Roulette and it is a very powerful indie-pop balade that put your mind into less-stress mode.

Blue Metal Rose brings More indie-pop to You

photosource: bluemayrose.com – Once Blue Metal Rose, now they are even better as Blue May Rose

Fantastic voice and Melody in Roulette

The voice of Alice is so dark, nice, rich and powerful. From my heart and soul, this song is such inspiration for life and work type of music for me. Roulette is in German, but that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Well, if you know German more, then this song will give you more out of the song. But without understanding it, Roulette makes you love it if you are into this type of music genre.

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Blue Metal Rose design is such an Epic experience

Almost all of the album covers that Blue Metal Rose got are dark, but yet lighter than a Metal band. They put hard work into building their own style and that puts Blue Metal Rose into a special category of my heart. When you see musicians that are so dedicated to their work, it makes something with a listener like me. Not only is their music magic, but also the whole style. The clothes, the way musicians looks and how their entire design on Albums, Singles, Videos and Websites looks. Blue Metal Rose proves that they do they own thing.. and even Most important. their lyrics made aren’t made by a huge company in Sweden. It feels authentic and Roulette is not an exception to this.

(Update: Blue Metal Rose is today the same band using Blue May Rose name instead)

Blue Metal Rose brings More indie-pop to You

Patrick and Alice BMR

Free Download of their New Single Roulette. Only for a short time:

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