Blue Lagoon Cocktail is a drink that makes your weekend even better in every ways. You can drink it at a party or just drink it together with your beloved wife. This cocktail with vodka is the work of the famous bar Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, which in the 60’s’ by the hand of barman Andy MacElhone saw the light blue cocktail, which owes its name to its bright blue color.

Blue Lagoon Cocktail is the most Refreshing RecipeIngredients for making the ultimate Blue Lagoon Cocktail Composition Blue Lagoon Cocktail

  • 3/10 of vodka
  • 3/10 of Blue Tropic (or Blue Curacao)
  • 4/10 of Sprite or SevenUp, lemonade or lemon juice
  • Lemon slice
  • Ice

Blue Lagoon cocktail preparation so you Become an expert and become the erotic person you’ve always been

Depending on whether you want to use a beverage with gas for the Blue Lagoon cocktail mix or without it, you will need to directly mix 30 ml. of vodka and 30 ml. and 40 ml. of Sprite or SevenUp of Blue Tropic in a tall glass with ice.

If you like to use lemonade or lemon juice you can mix it in a shaker and then serve it in a cocktail glass. Finally you can decorate the glass with a slice of lemon.

The ultimate drink for warm summer days

This cocktail is a refreshing one. It will make you fresh, alive and become the erotic person you’ve always dreamed of become. Blue Lagoon cocktail is simply one of the most seductive drinks to share. It brings all that extra flavors to your spirit powers for the weekend.

This drink is just amazing. But remember that alcohol in bigger amounts can have a negative effect. So, be mature and do have self control. Drinking makes your emotions run wild. Blue Lagoon cocktail tastes awesome and you will probably feel extravaganza powers. Cocktails are the ultimate drinks for hot weekends.

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