A totally new game is now out for classic Amiga! Blocky Skies is its name and I must say its got nice graphics, wow music and amazing gameplay. This is for sure a game that you won’t find on any other platform and therfore it goes into the same genre as TANKS! This game is so amazingly fun that I feel a bit pitty for those with Android and iOS phones!

Succesfully Start
The team which is behind this github project, writes on their website that the game runs succesfully on Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000 machines from Commodore and Escom. To get the game to run, you just boot or install the game. This version also includes game tutorial and a single playable level.

You need a 68k Amiga. Also you need minimum 512KB of RAM if you run the boot disk version of the game or if you choose to install it. Then it requires 1MB of RAM to run.

See the game in action Here! Lovely soundtrack for sure!+++
Boot Disk ADF (Floppy Boot disk version)
Hard Drive Install (HD Install version)


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