Interesting news about Blade Runner 2049 as TV Series. I couldn’t hold it back blogging about it as the very first Blade Runner movie is one of my favourite movies of all time. With Blade Runner 2049 ruin the sci-fi atmosphere totally. I really question about how the Blade Runner TV series will be!

The sequel to “Blade Runner,” so hotly anticipated, was a box office disappointment. But Roger Deakins won an Oscar for cinematography, and the movie won a second Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual effects. The fervor for “Blade Runner” still exists. A third movie wouldn’t be practical, but a TV series was inevitable.

And so I’ve been told that the series is being developed right now, although no details are set. It does seem like Rick, his daughter, and maybe K sans snowflakes would form the central family, with lots of possibilities for new characters and old ones. Producers of the film are on the fast track.

The biggest part of a “Blade Runner” TV series would be the look. They’re not going to get Deakins, so the hunt would be on for a director of photography who can translate the iconic “Blade Runner” images.

All we know is what got in their header of that article. If its true that Blade Runner TV series can be made. We hope that it would reveal what happened between Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 movies. What caused the blackout etc?

I had Huge hopes for Blade Runner 2049 movie

Blade Runner 2049 was a big disappointment as the Music ruined the experience for us. With Vangelis clearly saved into our minds after seen the first Blade Runner with Vangelis. It was simply a nightmare watching Blade Runner 2049 because the new techno synth beat destroyed the whole movie! Before I saw this movie, I never understood how important music choice for a movie is. But now I do!

I have written on YouTube clips with Vangelis music from the original Blade Runner soundtrack that if I turned the music off while watching the second movie. The movie feels a bit better, but then it’s not a Movie anymore.

I had Huge hopes for Blade Runner 2049. Maybe too high hopes and then when I watched it, I got more and more disappointed because of the climate in the movie got totally demolished by the music. You might disagree totally, but Blade Runner without Vangelis. That is like Tron Legacy movie without Daft Punk.

If there will be a Blade Runner tv series, it needs to bring that first Blade Runner vibe. That’s this sci-fi atmosphere ! Nothing else. So, please don’t ruin it. Look towards Altered Carbon on Netflix. This is series is Awesome! Which Blade Runner TV series should take bits from. Because that’s a sci-fi tv series with correct sci-fi feeling with a sci-fi universe not too different from the one that is in the Blade Runner universe.