BlackBerry, the company that dominated in business context in United States of America and in Asia has launched a new product with just touchscreen. This is not the first time as BlackBerry Z10 also got it. But this is the very first time that we see a BlackBerry phone with Android which is just a touchscreen mobile. Check out our review of BlackBerry OS 10 here.

Here is the specs of BlackBerry Motion

  • 5.5 “HD panel
  • Snapdragon 625
  • 32GB of storage
  • Withstands water
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4000 mAh battery with QuickCharge 3
  • Price: around 3600 NOK / 383 EURO

RIM no longer exists, but TCL continues the BlackBerry name

The original company RIM is no more, however there is a company called TCL that manufactures the phones with the BlackBerry brand. They have a license agreement with the company, previously called “RIM” (Research in Motion), which now known as “BlackBerry Limited”.

It’s not exactly a revolutionary launch that’s talked about here. This phone model is mainly meant for the Middle East and Asia as BlackBerry still have some percent market share over there. Their crypted messaging system is still loved there, because of many governments that wants to have full control of everyone there.

TCL first launch of BlackBerry Motion will happen in the Middle East, where they obviously still have a larger user base than in other parts of the world.

Uncertain about if this phone will reach Norway at all

It will take time before it is launched in the United States, and it is uncertain whether the product lands in Norway. The price is set at around $460. Also the fact that this phone is using Android instead of BlackBerry OS 10 that was my reason to get a BlackBerry Z10 is sort of heartbreaking a bit. BlackBerry OS 10 got the potential for sure to be a nice competitor to Android and iOS for sure. It is faster, got way better multitasking and is all in all more interesting to use.

Launching just another Android phone with the BlackBerry name on it won’t help it. BlackBerry OS 10 already supports Android apps also. Read about how to install Google Play Store on your BlackBerry OS 10 device here. So, there is no reason for TCL to abandon this QNX embedded operating system.

BlackBerry OS 10 must do a comeback! Distrita would love helping it doing that for sure.