BlackBerry 9860 Torch is a touch phone with 1.2 GHz processor and RIM’s new BlackBerry OS 7. The Blackberry phones are known for their great qwerty keyboards and their unique messenger services. But 9860 Torch doesn’t have any qwerty keyboard, only touch. So what makes Torch really special compared to the thousand of other touch phones out there?

What is the first impression? We open up the package and find a very elegant phone. The screen is 3.7″. The phone is good to hold in the hands, almost perfect size! And the weight is not that bad either, 135 gram, and it’s acceptable.

How fast is it?
The phone boots up fast. And in general the menus and applications don’t have any lags. But the BlackBerry apps need updates often, and then the phone is unusable for lots of minutes, and after that, it requires a reboot. Then you have to wait 2 minutes and 18 seconds! We think the updates could be handled more easily.

How is the touch keyboard?
We don’t like that the keyboard is static. That means if you want to write small caps, the keyboard shows big caps anyway. Another thing when we choose the number keyboard the number buttons are very small and difficult to reach with big hands. Why don’t they use more of the the empty space of the big screen?

The apps?

Unfortunately, BlackBerry can’t competite with big brother’s apps store. But in fact there exist many interesting apps… We have tried a Radio App named Nobex Radio that streams thousands of radio channels from all the world, the Facebook app, Google Talk, Whats’app

The menus?

You can choose betweeen “All programs”, “Favourites”, “Media” and “Downloads”. It’s just to slide to the left or the right on the display. The menus has an easy user interface.

The messenger service?

It was complicated to get the messenger to work! I had to call Blackberry’s RIM partner in Norway, Netcom, and most service agents there don’t really know much about BlackBerry. So I used a long time to could activate the Messenger! I know this varies a little bit from country to country. But I tell you how it is here in Norway where I live. I had to change telecom provider and pay 150 NOK (19 Euros) extra per month. I don’t like that there’s no other options than one telecom provider and that I have to pay extra! Without paying for this service it’s not possible to surf on the Internet or use any messenger service!

BlackBerry seems to be specialists in using License Agreement boxes where you have to accept their rules, scrolling down to the end of the document for hitting the “I Accept” button! Is this really necessary, BlackBerry?

What we don’t like?
Why can’t we see the time in the top tool line all the time? Too boring to leave your mail or app just for checking what the time is?
We miss a way to “close all active applications”. It takes too much time for busy people to remember to close every program manually.

How is it for watching video?
The integrated Youtube app seems to not support HD video clips. We have tried lots of HD clips. The speakers have very good sound and we are impressed!


Sending Files:
Bluetooth works ok for sending files. But we had big problems with our Bluetooth stereo headset, SBH-500. We walked with our headset but got a very unstable sound with lots of breaks.



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Lastability
  • Price


A nice phone, but we did not fall 100% in love with it!

Distrita recommends:
If all your friends have Blackberry, you will need a BlackBerry too for using their own messenger. What’son exists for Symbian, Android and iPhone too. Samsung launches their own messenger in these days, Chaton that will be a free service. So we don’t think it will be fair by BlackBerry to charge extra for their BlackBerry Internet service in the future. If they want to survive.