If you want to do something crazy, then you should try this crazy roller coaster in Japan. You can find it in Washuzan Highland Amusement Park in Okayama city in Japan. The name of the ride is Sky Cycle!

So, if you arent’t afraid of big heights, then Sky Cycle ride is a must to try attraction at Washuzan Highland Amusement Park.

Sky Ride Experience
This scare Ride giving you a Breathtaking view
This ride might be more of an very scary attraction rather than a roller coaster, but it does actually use roller coaster type of rails. The view down below and the views from the biking cars are just breathtaking. Also! There is almost no security at all. If you wish to poke someone else out of the biking car that you don’t like, your wet dream might come true … but doing that would be a very cruel thing to do and not fun at all. So keep yourself on the amazing view instead!

So, what is the next thing? A real roller coaster that you need to pedal yourself to the top to be able to slide down!? Getting healthy and having fun at the same time! Why not?