The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched a challenge: create a condom to promote “safe sex” and that its use more attractive to have sex without a condom.

The foundation launched the contest Reinventing the condom, which aims to promote innovation in design and $ 100,000 reward for the best idea, according to information on the organization’s blog.

“We have a product that is safe and effective, but underutilized. What if we could develop a condom which offers all the advantages of the current versions, without the drawbacks? Even better, what if we could make one that people preferred to not use a condom? “asks the Foundation Blog.

If you consider participating, there are points that you should consider: the safe use of new materials that can preserve or improve the feel, the development and testing of designs that can produce an enhanced experience, the application of knowledge in other fields, not necessarily of medicine, new strategies to improve the convenience of condoms.

The call is part of the Grand Challenges Explorations campaign (The challenge of the great explorations) which “seeks to overcome persistent obstacles to the creation of new tools that can radically improve the developing world,” according to the official website of the initiative.

Another objective of Grand Challenges Explorations is to show the condom as a tool to “save lives” and to protect vulnerable sectors such as women, especially sex workers.

An independent panel will select the winner if your invention has sufficient potential award could rise to $ 1 million.

“The success and impact of public health policies is to be used consistently and correctly by those who need it,” according to the publication

You can read more about the contest at the site of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.