An Earthquake reached as high as 8.1 have hit Nepal. A country sitting in South Asia. The earthquake have killed at least 120 people. Also more than 80 have been trapped in a touristic tower called Dharahara-tower, which have collapsed in Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu.

Many videos from the earthquake in Nepal. Here is one

This earthquake have also released several avalanches nearby Mount Everest. This earthquake was so intense and powerful that the shakes was felt in northern parts of India where you find bigger cities like New Delhi. China and also Bangladesh felt the shakes.

Few media cover this earthquake

CNN, BBC, Sky News on our cable network here at Distrita offices isn’t covering this earthquake as an critical event at all. They have mentioned it, but if this event would happen in a much more important country Distrita is certain that this event would get much more attention. Even if not so many got injured, the earthquake have damaged lots in Nepal. This country doesn’t deserve this, but it did. If you have more videos and photos to share with us. Please email to us now: