For 103 days. Several people have been locked in a house together. They have eaten, slept, had sex and even had lots of fights. But in the end Anders have won Big Brother 2014. This year they put Norwegians and Swedish people into the very same house with totally different background. The language issue became almost none as these languages are quite the same with some differences. Erland came on 3rd, Anna on 2nd and Anders became 1st. So now Anders have won 1 000 000 SEK. He have been one of the guys that had humor and personality in this autumn.

The Distrita Team wishes Anders all the best!

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What is Big Brother?
It was one of the first reality tv shows that put lots of people into same place, where each week one of the participants had to leave. The first Big Brother show was innovative and got lots of viewers. Later there have been Paradise Hotel and Robinson which have taken the genre even further. Some thinks this is trash-tv, while others loves it. The Scandinavian Big Brother 2014 is over. Life goes back to daily lives for some of us. Hope to see another show in the future.