In 1991, a game called The Adventures Of Quik And Silva by New Bits got a soundtrack that was so mind-blowing in 1991 that even today in 2013, 22 years ago is still stunning.

This track was made by Chris Hüelsbeck, which also made soundtrack for Giana Sisters (Commodore 64), R-Type (Commodore 64 and Amiga), Turrican (Amiga) and Apidya (Amiga). The Adventures Of Quik And Silva is not so known, but its music is somewhat forgotten by many. That’s why I intended to write about this, so people won’t forget this so underrated game and its soundtrack. This title music is so amazing, that Distrita chooses to rate this as best game soundtrack ever. The in-game soundtrack is also wow. This is masterpiece of a game, which no one should forget.

Finals: Not only is it from 1991, but this tune is 8-bit and played thru only 4 channels. Amazing, and just listen to it. You will get hooked.