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It seems so. Oslo is the capital of Norway, but recent years the summers have been rather cold. 2 years ago we had 2 weeks of hot weather, while rest was just rain and temps belows 18C. Last year, the spring started around 16th of May,.. but this year is totally different. Our winter lasted for 2 weeks in January. Rest have been cold, but without snow and by March the spring actually started over here.

Since April its been hotter than ever before. For once we get a great summer! We had many days over 23C and even more days over 26C also.

Now with the summertime and no nights. Its even stranger, but nice. Be sure to get a hotel with thick curtains or you won’t get sleep. Its daylight over here 24h until middle end of July. The longest day is on 21st of June. Then the sun turns and we will get shorter days again.


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