Smart Watches were expected to be the next big trend and a golden opportunity for the mobile providers making more money. But what happened actually? Samsung and Apple launched their own mobile watches. They expected lots of upsells and new income opportunities. But still it’s the mobile phones everybody is talking about. So… Were the smart watches just a trending idea for a limited time? Or do we really need them? In 2014 Distrita wrote about the best fitness tracker at that time, Fitbit. Are the smartwatches today mostly made for fitness and active users?


Having a security alarm on your arm is convenient if anything unexpected happens. Your watch will send a SOS message to all your emergency contacts. The Gear S3 will be your your private SOS alarm on the go, which could be very handy. It doesn’t only send a warning message but it includes your gps coordinates, so your friends will know exactly where you are located. You can feel safer. The security function should have been appreciated by many users, but if we search for “smartwatches sos” in google we don’t find many good searches at all.

best smartwatches for fitness


There is no secret that smart watches seem to be mostly appreciated by active people.  The watches are ideal for everybody having an active lifestyle. So what are the best smartwatches for fitness? GPS is one of the popular searches regarding smart watches. Wouldn’t it be great to have a gps on your arm? We were also searching “smart watches fitness” in Google and got more than 6 million searches, while “smart watches exercise” got 3 million searches. Also“smart watches fitness tracker” got a solid count of 3 million searches.  But it was first when we searched for “smart watches active users” we got stunning 22.500.000 searches. That is an indicator that smart watches found their own niche. They will probably never compete with mobile phones, but will be a natural additional product for active users on the run. A smart watch that is water proof is great to swim with and use for jogging even in heavy rain. Here is an article about the best smartwatches for bikers.



The list of the 10 Best Fitness Trackers of 2017 reveals that 9 out of 10 supports Android and iOs. One of the latest Fitness Trackers on that list is Samsung Gear Fit2 which is an impressing smartphone indeed. The Amoled screen is 1.83 inches and it is curved so it looks very cool. Price tag is around $129, according to GSM Arena.  for the moment. Battery life is more than 3 days. It has integrated GPS, music player, optimal heart rate monitor and will stream notifications from the newest Android devices. Except from this, it is compatible even with Samsung’s worst enemy, Apple. It must be one of the first Samsung devices that even supports iOS support! What does that mean? It means that it supports all iPhone devices running iOS 9 and above software as well as all Android phones.  Samsung reaches out to a huge and new market with their latest watch. But they are not alone. Nearly all brands understand now how important it is to support both the Operative Systems Android and iOS. Although the price is reduced a lot, it is still a lot of money to pay… Actually there are many smart watches that has the same price tag as Samsung Gear Fit 2.


There are so many articles about the best smart watches out there but they seldom cover the cheaper alternatives. Is it really worth to pay hundreds of dollars for a smart watch with limited functions? There are cheaper options out there, especially if you don’t mind if it is a wellknown brand or not. One of bestsellers online is LANGTEK A1 WristWatch. Price starts from only $12.77 excluding memory card and bluetooth headset which is optional from the vendor. You get a cool watch with lots of functions, and actually it looks very exclusive. You can choose between 5 colors, grey, black, pink, blue and green. It has got a 1.54″ sapphire glass screen and the resolution is 240×240 pixels. Among the features it has got pedometer, step motion meter, calories calculation, sports mileage records, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, storage to the watch, remote photos, storage to the phone, alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, twitter, facebook, SMS news, System Settings information and time synchronization. Battery capacity is 350mAh which should be sufficient for a small device like this. It has got a very good feedback from the buyers. In fact, we are so excited so we have decided to buy one device. We want to give you a honest and very detailed review shortly.