Restaurants in Batumi offer amazing dishes, very helpful staff and mesmerizing views over the Black sea. We could all agree that not all of the restaurants meet the highest standards, which usually leaves customers disappointed.

Where to eat in Georgia’s most modern city. We bring you the best restaurants in Batumi

Before visiting any foreign country, I always try to do my research first- which places are worth visiting and which are not, especially when it comes to the restaurants. I decided to write this article for people who want to get the most out of their experience.

Here is my list of the best restaurants in Batumi, where you will taste not only the best dishes but spend your time in a great atmosphere too.

360 Sky Bar & Restaurant

The view from 360 Sky bar and restaurant
The Restaurant offers the best quality food, including sushi, steaks and pasta along with the best cocktail menu.

Placed on the 20th floor of the hotel Sheraton Batumi, 360 Sky Bar & Restaurant is the only hotel-restaurant with panoramic view of 360 degrees. Restaurant offers exclusive cocktails, premium Georgian wine and delicious food in their exceptional atmosphere- everything that it takes to be one of the best restaurants in Batumi.

Their magnificent service is another reason to love the place: they always greet you with a vibrant smile on their faces. Expect to get the most out of your experience as the staff is very knowledgeable and attentive.

If you are a music lover, then luckily for you, The band plays indie style music several days a week which will make your experience even better.

I would highly recommend visiting the place around sunset-time as you will get to enjoy mesmerizing view over the Black Sea.

Without any exaggeration, 360 Sky Bar & Restaurant is one of the best high-level restaurants in Batumi.

Skybar Batumi is perfect for a romantic dinner

They provided magnificent service, Hands down. Our waitress was very attentive, knowledgeable and she seemed truly sophisticated. The band playing an incredible mix of pop and indie style music grabbed our attention.

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Restaurant Terrasa Askaneli

Outdoor serving at Terrasa Askaneli
The story originated with Askaneli Brothers now spreads to the coastal city of Batumi where the Restaurant called «Terrassa Askaneli» was launched.

In the beautiful seaside city Restaurant Terrasa “Askaneli” offers delicious wines, Georgian chacha and cognacs made from the combination of new technologies and old methods that are sold in more than 35 countries.

Visitors of Terrasa Askaneli will get to see three different spaces: a restaurant, a night club and a terrace.

Try some local Georgian dishes at Terrasa Askaneli in Batumi
Drooling Adjarian Khachapuri

Cooks of the restaurant prepare delicious Georgian and Multinational dishes with the recipes that they have been working on for years. Another pleasant reason why you should visit the restaurant is the live music and professional masterclasses in wine dégustation.

I would highly recommend visiting Restaurant Terrasa Askaneli – One of the best restaurants in Batumi.

Beautful decorations and design at Terrasa Askaneli

Nice restaurant with good selection of Georgian cuisine and wines. with view of sea, located in Batumi Boulevard.

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Restaurant Pelion

Pelion is one of the best eateries at Hilton Batumi
The Hilton Batumi hotel by the Black Sea houses three eateries, Nephele, Pelion and Tandila, serving fabulous drinks and daily breakfast, dinner and lunch.

If you love Georgian cuisine or want to try it while exploring the new taste, Restaurant “Pelion”, located on the first floor of Hotel Hilton, is the place you have to visit.

Restaurant Pelion is not distinguished with its taste only but interior too, which is very cozy and refined. Whenever you sit down next to the table and check the menu, you will be able to find all of the delicious Georgian dishes, but Pelion offers different preparation methods, quality and new ingredients, which doubles the tastefulness of the meals.

It would not be exaggerated if we said that Pelion gives new lives to traditional Georgian dishes like Adjarian Khachapuri, Mtsvadi, Khinkali and many more.

Georgian Lobio
Delicious Georgian Lobio with Mchadi and assortment of pickles

Pelion has everything you could wish for: Amazing view from the restaurant, affordable prices, live music played on Saxophone and Piano, amazing service and menu, that promises you to have the best culinary adventure.

Without further explanation, Pelion holds an honorable place when it comes to the best restaurants in Batumi.

Local Georgian pastries

Great place to eat during a luxurious vacation. The best food which we experienced in Batumi. Food is very delicious and appetizing to the eye as well being served on the beautiful Georgian plates. The amazing staff ensures a family atmosphere and very personal and super service. Really enjoyed the live music, 3 young kids playing Georgian and International music . Perfect atmosphere!

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Museum Restaurant

Cozy surroundings and elegant interior design at Cafe Museum Batumi
 Cafe Museum is created in distinctive retro style that creates pleasant atmosphere.

If you need to take a rest from crowded places and have a great evening with your partner, friends or family members then Museum Restaurant is for you.

Their interior really reminds me of a museum with its overrefinement. The tables are placed outdoors too.

Their menu not only has delicious Georgian dishes but European too. Another amazing reason to visit Museum Restaurant would be their polite and helpful staff that are always there if you need anything.

Museum Restaurant with its design and menu differs from any other one in the city, that is its uniqueness- it has to be the reason why it is one of the best restaurants in Batumi. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now.. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now.. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now.. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now.. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now.. Check out why you should invest in an apartment in Batumi now..

Georgian kebab with chicken served at Cafe Museum Batumi
Delicious chicken kebab

After all of those crowded places, clubs and etc, its a perfect cafe to sit with friends, couples, and enjoy evening. music’s background and good prices.

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Sky Bar Nephele

Sky Bar Nephele - Outdoor rooftop restaurant in Batumi
Beautiful rooftop views at Nephele in Batumi

Sky Bar Nephele is located on the 20th floor of The Hotel Hilton. The name is originated from the Greek mythology: Nephele was a cloud nymph as well as the goddess of hospitality.

Philosophy of the restaurant is to combine the eastern and the western world through their cuisine as well as offering delicious Georgian dishes. For cocktail lovers there are some exclusive mixtures with unforgettable taste.

Georgian dishes with egg

Besides amazing menu, visitors can observe mesmerizing views of the Black Sea and Adjarian mountains.

Guests that choose to have sit down on a terrace, get to dine in a pleasant breeze coming from the sea. Live music is another advantage of this restaurant.

if you find yourself in Batumi, do not forget to visit Sky Bar Nephele – one of the best restaurants in Batumi.

Local food at Skybar Nephele

Honestly, this was the only place in Batumi where the service was impeccable! The desserts were very nice as well. Of course, the views are stunning :) 

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These were some of the best restaurants in Batumi! Which one is your favorite? You might also want to read other Georgia-related articles as well: