There are so many bloggers and on-line newspapers that have forgotten about the world outside of Windows and MacOSX macOS. But Distrita is strongly supporting every system out there and because of this, we want to give you our best reasons for putting your Windows or MacOSX macOS usage on a challenge. This article is aiming at desktop operating systems and its not an article aiming at putting the big ones into shame. You use what you like, but here we wanted to give you our best reasons for trying out other operating systems. Read on…!

Bundled software Challenge the big ones
With other operating systems, you have the choice to actually use software that isn’t made by the bigger companies. The software that comes with MorphOS like Showgirls, Painter or even VPDF lets you do things without help of Microsoft, Apple or even Adobe. They are also free to use and can be compared to Preview for MacOSX or macOS as it is called now.

No Subscriptions of Important programs
There is absolutely no software for Linux, Haiku, MorphOS or AmigaOS that got subscription type of payments for any of its software. Either you want to run graphics programs like Gimp, TVPaint, Showgirls, Photogenics, Personal Paint, Blender or DTP/wordprocessors like LibreOffice, Cinnamon Writer and Calimero etc. There are no subscription required and they are at the same level or even better in some cases. On MorphOS you even got a Adobe Aftereffects and Aurora 3D maker program called Titler that is almost at the same level or even better in some cases. And its totally free! Calimero is also a totally New and Free DTP program only available for MorphOS at the moment. This program is becoming more and more advanced! But no subscription is required and the best is that its totally free as in no costs at all.

Video players that just Works
You don’t need Windows or MacOSX for watching movies! You can do this on Haiku, MorphOS, ReactOS, QNX, AROS, AmigaOS 4 and Linux/BSD. It is one of the most flexible movie players ever made. There are also GUI’s made for all of these operating systems.

Music players without a Store
With Apple promoting iTunes everywhere, you would think that there are no one wanting to challenge it. But what you didn’t know and this goes for MacOSX or macOS, is that Apple’s operating system lacks choices. MorphOS, Haiku, AmigaOS 4, Linux, BSD and AmigaOS 3.x have several programs that can compete or be even better music players than iTunes. You really don’t need MacOSX or Windows to have nice music players. The audio from AHI system in AmigaOS and MorphOS etc gives much clearer and better sound. So, sure you can use iTunes to buy albums but then it is recommended to change the music files to MP3 or OGG and move them over to your AHI system. The sound becomes so much better! Try and you will understand.

Multitasking that doesn’t kill the Fun
The mighty ones tries to tell you what great Multitasking is. But it isn’t before you move your eyes to QNX, Haiku, AROS, MorphOS, AmigaOS and AmigaOS 4 that multitasking becomes reality. By using AmigaOS, you can multitask freely even on CPU’s slower than those you find in cellphones from 2000! In fact, all choices except for Windows and MacOSX/macOS is better. Try Ubuntu Linux even, and its another dimension already.

Free software makes it Possible
There are many choices for alternative operating systems. You have 3D modelling, 3D Titling, Video editing and Music editing software. Video players and sound players are also for free. Also if you want to use Google Docs, most of the alternative operating systems have good enough browsers supporting it. So, you’re not tied to the biggest ones.


Amazing support for Alternative operating systems
With my knowledge of AmigaOS systems, I just have to write about Google Drive Handler, Dropbox Handler and Amiga Racer that Distrita supports. But there are lots of software that I havent mentioned in this article that I should have. Snes9X is a brilliant Emulator available on almost everything out there. Then you have all of ID Software open source games like Doom and Quake. OpenTTD is a open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe game that is also available for lots of different operating systems.

Mini Review
  • Doom (Free)
  • Quake (Free)
  • Mplayer (Video) (Free)
  • Snes9X (Game) (Free)
  • OpenTTD (Game) (Free)
  • Blender (3D, Video and Music) (Free)
  • LibreOffice (Office) (Free)
  • TVPaint (Graphics) (*Free)
  • Calimero (DTP) (Free)
  • Titler (Video) (Free)
  • Cinnamon Writer (Word processor) (Free)
  • Gimp (Graphics) (Free)

Summary and Links

We have ranked the software out of useability, compatibility and availability. Highest score is the software that runs on all of the alternative operating systems, including on Windows and MacOSX macOS. Cinnamon Writer is unfortunately at the bottom of the list, because this software is still in early beta stage of the development. The team ia still going on and the product isn’t done yet, but it is for Free to download for both AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. It’s however one of the programs that can do really great on the Amiga platform.


Calimero is another word processor alike program with more and more DTP features included in each release. The only downside thing with Calimero is that it is only out for MorphOS, but the program is at this stage much more useable than Cinnamon Writer.

Gimp is yet another incredible piece of software though, that is out for almost every system except for Haiku, MorphOS and AmigaOS 4. Also the learning curve is really hard. Same goes for Blender. Yet this is a very powerful program, that lets you do a lot in it. Blender is still very frustrating for beginners. Tips is to watch YouTubers a lot and just play with it to understand how Blender actually works.

MPlayer, Snes9X, OpenTTD and the ID Software games that are open sourced have scored most of all as they support all systems. They also let you play games between platforms. Yes, a MorphOS user can easy play Quake, Quake II or even Quake III etc together with MacOSX macOS and Windows users. This make these games most ported and makes it possible to have fun on your favourite operating system.

* TVPaint is also out for Windows and MacOSX macOS, but is very expensive. It is used by many graphicians and animators today. The Amiga version is Freeware, but does its job very well still. There is no animation support, but the way TVPaint works on AmigaOS and MorphOS is extremely fast.

Here we tried to give you great examples of what you can use other operating systems for. Also I tried to write about using them for normal stuff is possible. Later we will give you more in-depth articles in this category, as this is something that people have requested us to do. Distrita is also looking for writers, that wants to write about their operating system. If you do and want to contribute, send us an email to [email protected]




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