Ramen is a dish in the world that is getting more and more popular. It is the new trend to eat. So, I’ve put some effort into checking out Ramen Places in Oslo for you.

Here in the northern part of Europe, we call it a soup, but Ramen is what the Japanese named it as a very delicious dish with awesome noodles with various ingredients. Together with Sushi and Sashimi. Ramen is now getting a full trending blast in the capital of Norway too.

So, where to get the best Ramen experience in Oslo? Is it cheap or expensive?

Let’s dive into Ramen in Oslo Norway!

Koie Ramen Near Oslo Street Food

This Ramen restaurant ain’t hard to notice. It is just beside one of the busiest walking-only streets in Oslo. Torggata is the road that links Oslo center with Grünnerløkka. Here you have lots of various restaurants and Koie Ramen is one of them.

Koie Ramen is easy to find. You see it clearly from Torggata. Just ask Distrita if you have issues finding it on social media here.

This ramen restaurant is often very full of people. It is known as one of the best ramen places in Oslo.

The Ramen dish from Japan has taken Oslo by storm. Many people have taken this dish from their interest in Japanese culture. Anime and Manga are smart at promoting various meals. Young people get interested in it.

Japanese Ramen For You In The Heart of Oslo

Ramen dishes that Koie Ramen serves are Tonkatsu; which contains spines, trotters, fat, kombu, and garlic, Dashi; niboshi, atsukezuri, katsuobushi and kombu, Noodles, eggs, farm egg, usukuchi soy, tamari soy, mirin, and sake. They also serve Edamame, Gyoza, and Karaage.

People that have visited the restaurant mentions that the Noodle texture is superb, that it is the Great Ramen in Oslo, and even a comment saying it is a taste of Japan in Oslo. This is as authentic as it gets in Europe. A Ramen treat for sure in Oslo.

Personally, I’ve had a nice experience eating there. The service was excellent when I visited it myself two days ago. I decided to try various Ramen places myself for making this article complete. I haven’t been to Japan myself, but those that came with me have. They told me it’s very authentic. Although one mentioned that it could be even better. You have to judge it yourself.

This Ramen restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 22.00 (10 pm) and on Weekends from 12.00 to 22.00 (10 pm).

Koie Ramen Near the Munch museum in Oslo

The same owners also got another Ramen restaurant near the Munch museum that is just beside the Opera house in Oslo.

This restaurant got the same menu like the one near Torggata. But opening hours are Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 21.00 (9 pm) and on Weekends from 12.00 to 21.00 (9 pm).

What do you think of Koie Ramen?

Sapporo Ramen bar at Foodhall in Oslo named Mathallen

Oslo and Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan is at the same height in the world. Both got long winters and short summers. Therefore it is nice to see Sapporo Ramen Bar is one of the best ramen places in Oslo. Yummy Ramen in Oslo for sure.

The location is north of the Mathallen Food hall area, but it is mentioned on the Vulkan website.

This Ramen bar is actually not part of the Food hall Mathallen itself. You need to find Rema 1000. It is just beside Maridalsveien road. If you type in Maridalsveien 17 you will be pointed to the Food hall and that is wrong. It sits just beside the main road where the bus goes.

You can take bus lines 34 and 54 to Telthusbakken and walk 100 meters back.

If you notice the park on your left side when walking. Then you’re on right track. You notice the entrance just after the Vulkan road going down. You see a moving door which is very common use by Norwegian malls. Enter it and you see Sapporo Ramen bar there.

One of the Best Ramen Places in Oslo by Many

This is one of the most authentic ramen experience in Oslo for many. One mentioned that he tried ramen in Japan and that this one is authentic. Some comments about different tastes in the Ramen too. It is still very good as I’ve tested it just yesterday.

I think this Ramen place is worth it. But this restaurant is open at odd times. They are open from 12.00 to 19.00 (7 pm). Many in Norway are working until 17-18 and I think that if they were open to 20.00 (8 pm) or 21.00 (9 pm) it would help them a lot. The Food court just nearby is open much longer. I hope that this can change in the future.

Expensive Ramen But Still Delicious

Very good Ramen in Oslo, doesn’t come cheap. Yet it is an invitation to Japan. Miso Ramen costs 165kr which is 16.09 Euro. What you get is a full meal that will make you full. You can add extra chicken, noodles, vegetables, and eggs too. But that costs too. 38kr (3.70 Euro)!!! This Ramen restaurant is still not that expensive when compared to other similar restaurants in Oslo.

Sapporo Ramen Bar also does have a special price for children that is just 70kr (6.82 Euro). Which I must say ain’t too bad.

In Japan, a Ramen bowl is priced from 600 to 1200 Yen per bowl. This is from 45kr which is 4.39 Euro. Revealing this makes me stunned. The price of Ramen in Oslo makes it impossible to love it the same way as it is loved in Japan. But still, if you are eager to get Ramen in Oslo, then Sapporo Ramen Bar is one of the best Ramen restaurants in Oslo.

What do you think of the Sapporo Ramen bar?

Hrimnir Ramen is just a 2-min walk from Food hall Mathallen in Oslo

This is the Ramen bar in Oslo with the most positive reviews on TripAdvisor from 2022. Delicious food is full of inspiration.

Open Until Late for Ramen hungry people in Oslo

If you think that Sapporo Ramen Bar closes too early. Then this Ramen restaurant bar might be a smart visit.

You can take the same bus lines 34 or 54 but to Møllerveien station. Maridalsveien 9A is easy to notice. The restaurant sits on the corner. You will notice it easily from the bus stop.

This is a much more serious Ramen type of restaurant and that shows on the pricing too. Chicken Ramen costs 225kr (21.95 Euro). In Japan, the most expensive Ramen costs around 1200 Yen which is 90kr. When eating Ramen in Oslo, you will for sure feel that this city is not the cheapest city to eat Ramen in.

Pricy but Very Good Ramen in Oslo

If you really want a fantastic Ramen experience in Oslo. Then this is it.

The price tag is a bit high but it is well made. My Japanese friend here tells me it is quite authentic, but that the price is a bit harsh. Especially since Ramen is supposed to be a dish that should be affordable for anyone. When a Ramen dish costs you 2.975 Yen. It’s a bit dramatic for the wallet I think.

Norway is expensive. The price tag for Ramen should be around 100kr. When a kebab costs you 70kr. It is much easier for younger people to eat that instead.

Closed on Mondays Only

Hrimnir Ramen is open Tuesday to Friday between 15.00 (3 pm) and 22.30 (10.30 pm). Saturdays 14.30 (2.30 pm) to 22.30 (10.30 pm) and Sundays 13.00 (1 pm) to 21.30 (9.30 pm). The kitchen closes about 1:30 before the restaurant closes.

Visit this one for a delicious Ramen experience in Oslo.

What do you think of Hrimnir Ramen?