Whenever you visit our city, I feel like you should have an idea about the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi, so you can decide where you want to stay.
Area of your city plays a huge role in what your trip is going to be like: you have to make sure that public transport is available in the district as well as shops and maybe some of the tourist attractions too.

the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi

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Here is my personal list of the 5 best neighborhoods in Tbilisi:


Saburtalo is one of the largest districts in Tbilisi. As the historic sources say, this neighborhood started developing in 11th-13th centuries, but only became part of Tbilisi in 1917.

Why is Saburtalo one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi you might ask- well, first of all, it turns out that this district is the most chosen one among locals, as the most apartments are sold in this area of the city: As the statistics show, flats in this neighborhood are super affordable and there has been no change in prices in the last few years.

Saburtalo is the center of Tbilisi, so you will not have any problem of getting to places at all. Cafes, stores, malls and restaurants are all there.

Lisi Lake

The area has amazing recreational parks. In Saburtalo locals favorite place for relaxation has to be Lisi lake, which is the perfect place to get-away from the loud city life, have a picnic and have fun with your beloved people. 

a really nice place to spend time in nature. There’s a beach, some walking trails and plenty of places to eat

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A day at Lisi Lake

Another amazing place of the area is the old hippodrome, where you can go for a walk, jog or even observe the stars.

There is not a doubt that Saburtalo is one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi.


Avlabari has to be one of my personal favorites and truly one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi. This district is one of the oldest ones in the city. There are so many sight-seeings in this area, no wonder why it is one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi: Metekhi church, Trinity church, colorful old houses, Narikala fortress, etc.. That is why this district is very popular among tourists, as these views are captivating.

Old Tbilisi is a part of Avlabari district

It won’t be exaggeration If I say that Avlabari truly is the heart of Tbilisi.

What is another reason that makes this place one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi? Probably its location, as there is a metro station, buses and minibuses that can take you probably anywhere you wish for, besides that, there is a walking distance to some of the central areas, like Liberty square and Rustaveli street.


This neighborhood is very known for its fancy culture. Back in Soviet era, Vake was filled with politicians, scientists and Georgian elite, and to be honest, it has not changed much, as this district is considered to be one of the fanciest and poshest parts of the city.

Cafes, restaurants, malls, shops and even universities are located in this area. Unfortunately, there are not much historical sight-seeings in Vake.

Tbilisi State University

The best place in this area has to be Vake Park, where people relax, go for a walk or a run at any time of the year.

Great place to go for a relaxing walk, meet up with friends, take your kids to and go for a morning run. A park is very big so you can always find a quiet place or go to the center to meet new people. There is a private library you can register in and use a computer or read books. This park is one of my places in Tbilisi, I would suggest visiting it at least once

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Vake Park

I would highly recommend staying in this area if you have an active lifestyle.

It would not be fair if I didn’t mention Vake as one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi.


Marjanishvili has to be one of the most popular districts among young people, as this place holds shops, cafes and restaurants. It has to be said that Marjanishvili has a large Arabic influence.

Architecture of this district is very unique and ancient-like, perhaps this is the reason why Marjanishvili became super popular among tourists too.

Main street of the neighborhood is Agmashenebeli avenue, where you can find many historic buildings and outdoor patios.

Fabrika-a hip hostel with several bars and eateries is very popular among young generations. This place is perfect for you, if you want to hang out with your friends and have a drink in a cool atmosphere.

Great place in Tbilissi ! Everything is really perfect ! The design of the hotel, the kindness of the staff, the quality of the food. The atmosphere in the hotel is positive, good energy, good music. That’s COOL!

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There are many reasons why you would want to stay on Marjanishvili- truly one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi.


Sololaki has ancient and hipster look at the same time and it would be unfair if I did not mention how the district was included in the list of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world by Time Out.

Sololaki is super quiet, with its narrow streets and sidewalk cafes. You can find many hipster cafes as well as traditional wineries, where you can taste delicious Georgian wine.

The architecture of this neighborhoods is another thing to talk about- its authenticity is captivating.

If you love quiet, historic areas, than no doubt that Sololaki is going to be one of the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi for you.