OSLO: If you plan to visit Oslo and spend money on eating burgers and french fries at McDonalds, Burger King or MAX. You might think: This town is very expensive! Yes, a medium sized Whooper Cheese menu at Burger King etc, will cost you over $18, €13 or 100 NOK! You will spend a lot of money here, so I think you deserve to read a real french fries review in oslo, although we cannot guarranty you the best fries in the world.

Review of where to find The best french fries in Oslo

Now, Distrita made a test of which one has the best french fries, last week. How do the writer qualify? Well, I have worked as a taste-shopper. I had to go to certain restaurants, and made reports on how good burgers are, how fresh the salad is and how the french fries is. We wanted to make the Review. We want to help you to spend your money at the best place for good quality and value. We know it may be difficult to choose the best place as a tourist in Norway. Fast food chains in Norway vary indeed a lot in quality and value. Maybe you should not expect to find the best fries in the world, but at least the best among the fast food chains in Oslo.

Also, after visiting Brussels in Belgium, I decided to finally do a test of it. Brussels must have one of the best french fries in the world, beside its great chocolate and cheese! There it is normal to eat french fries without anything else! Pure fries stores dont even exist in Norway, at least no real chain… You will probably end up at one of the 3 biggest hamburger chains in Oslo. There are 3 Mc Donalds, 4 Burger Kings and 2 Max restaurans in Oslo. Most of them are upen until late, so that will be here or at one of the local kebab shops you will buy your night food after the weekend party…  Ready for a real french fries review in oslo? So, here my verdict goes:

French Fries Review in Oslo Fast Food Guide

Best french fries in Oslo
French Fries Review in Oslo

To begin my verdict with the worst one, is a bit sad. McDonald’s is worlds biggest chain out of the 3!… So why does McDonald’s fail so much here in Oslo, Norway? The french fries are really really boring. Its like eating air. There is no taste, and even if McDonald’s do have sauces. There is nothing to rescue the boring taste. Some of the burgers have ok taste, but the french fries is the worst! Really shame on you.
Score: 2/10

Best french fries in Oslo
French Fries Review in Oslo

Burger King:
Not the worst, and not the best! They are tasty, but here variations between the restaurants is big. For example, Burger King at Oslo S have no taste at all. The one at Nationaltheateret have great taste. When I worked as a taste-shopper, I figured out that there is huge variations between Burger King at the time I worked with this. The same thing now last week. As a bonus!.. When using one of the sauce dips at Burger King, the taste becomes even better. The sauces at Burger King are in my favor of the ones at McDonald’s for sure. More rich in taste overall.
Score: 6/10



french fries fast food chains french fries review in oslo
French Fries Review in Oslo
Best french fries in Oslo
French Fries Review in Oslo

The newest burger chain from Sweden, with its only 3 restaurants in Oslo area, is the winner. They make the best french fries in Osl,o out of these 3 chains! This is far from Brussels in taste, but its the closest thing you get. The french fries is so soft and great. They taste something, and as a bonus. MAX let you buy french fries mix thing, where they add onion, cheese and salt on top. At MAX, I really feel that the french fries melt in the mouth, and tastes gourmet. This is very good for MAX. This restaurant chain have lots of restaurants in Sweden, but have just started to expand into Norway. Its a good score, for a chain that can’t match the history of McDonald’s and Burger King in Norway. Kudos! At least as close to our goal: Best fries in the world?!
Score: 8/10

Overal verdict is that Distrita is quite amazed that McDonald’s make such poor french fries product. Is this just Oslo, or is this something that McDonald’s is known for? Burger King is in the middle, and can learn from its Nationaltheateret and even Sandvika Storsenter (big shopping mall, just outside of Oslo) restaurants. Its a pleasure to see that MAX wins, and Distrita hopes that MAX stays in Norway. So, if you want to get some great french fries in Oslo area, and isn’t too afraid of spending money on this once or twice. Then Distrita urges you to goto MAX and eat there, if you want the best french fries in Oslo area. Happy eating!…

N.B: Distrita is a free-speech magazine on-line. No one have paid us to write anything more positive or negative. This is our own experience with our own test. Distrita isn’t owned by anyone but us. Thank you for reading this and understand.

Best Fries in Oslo
  • Mc Donalds
  • Burger King
  • Max Hamburger