Today we are covering the best festivals to volunteer at! Please read on!

Music festivals are great opportunities to interact with a wider community. An event that provides us with a much sought-after opportunity to escape the hassle of everyday life and enjoy the melody of our favorite singers and watch new stars rise from the crowd.

However, if you would like to have the opportunity to meet your favorite singer, enjoy the festival and the various workshops without paying a cent, then consider volunteering for the music festival. This is based on our own experience, so you will not be disappointed!

Why Would You Want to Volunteer at A Music Festival?

Music festivals are wonderful places to volunteer because they are so much connected to city life and yet so disconnected. They offer you the opportunity to improve your communication skills and contribute to the well-being of the community and the music industry. And in return, you can enjoy your evenings with other volunteers in an outdoor space and experience all the live performances and workshops.

You’ll also get to hear lots of great music – many of which you may be more familiar with from your weekly local DJ set. You’ll have the chance to interact with local volunteers and people making the venue – and most festivals do encourage their volunteers to share their ideas and concerns on how they can all “work together” to make the event better and more successful.

Now that you know why volunteering at a music festival can be a great idea, you will want to know the best festivals to volunteer at.

With a Google search, you can find thousands of volunteering opportunities – but only a handful of them really appreciate the hard work of their volunteers, and you really want to be a part of such an event.

Best Festivals to Volunteer At – 2020 Updated List

1. Roskilde Festival

Do you want to explore the Danish culture and musical life? Then you shouldn’t miss the Roskilde Festival, which is one of the best festivals for volunteering and also one of the largest festivals in Northern Europe, attracting almost 130,000 visitors from all over the world.

The Roskilde Festival, first held in 1971, is today proudly one of the few prominent music festivals in Europe that has continued its legacy of entertaining its visitors in the small town – Roskilde!

The festival has traditionally been dominated by rock music, although the rise of electronic and experimental music has also gained a large audience over the past ten years. The area surrounding the festival is both modern and rural, making it a perfect escape from day-to-day boresome. Individuals who love interacting with different people and their culture will truly appreciate and enjoy the mixture of different kinds of cultural events and workshops hosted in Roskilde Festival.

I’m going back to Roskilde Denmark for my second year at the biggest music festival in Northern Europe, Roskilde Festival.

2. Copenhagen Distortion

Copenhagen Street Life and New Dance Music – known as Copenhagen Distortion – is a music festival held annually in the Danish capital, attracting well over 300,000 people from all corners of this beautiful world. If one has to recapitulate this event, it would be – “orchestrated chaos” – all this thanks to well over 300 concerts and DJ sets.

Featuring an array of music, art, performance, and entertainment from around the world, you can truly feel the spirit of Copenhagen in every way.

Distortion is 5 day of street life and new music in Copenhagen. Distortion is split into 3 formats. It’s organised freedom with daytime “street party”, new dance music at “Distortion Club” events and at the weekend festival site “Distortion Ø”. Distortion 2020, 3–7 June 2020

3. Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound is one of the best festivals to volunteer in Europe. It takes place between the end of May and the beginning of June in Portugal, Spain, Porto, and Barcelona and is one of the zeitgeist-chasing music festivals you can be a part of.

Like most other events where music is the primary attraction, Primavera Sound is a parade of performers from music, electronic, and hip-hop, performing on a mixture of stages set up around the city.

In the past, the festival has seen a limited presence of people from outside Barcelona and Portugal, who come to enjoy what is usually one of the best events in the city. However, the festival has become increasingly focused on multi-genre, and in 2018, it was claimed that 175,000 people visited Sound during its three days event.

The line-up of Primavera sound festival Barcelona 2020

Do you have any other suggestions for the Best festivals to volunteer at?

We have mentioned 3 of the best festivals to volunteer at, but we are sure there are more great festivals out there that take care of their volunteers and treat them like they deserve! We want others to have a great experience as a volunteer at festivals. They are working for free, so they definitely should get something back – the experience should be awesome! If you have been a volunteer at any festival, we would like to hear about it. Share, comment and like on our facebook page.

The lineup is not ready yet. You can check for the latest upates

Tayolor Swift, Tyler, The Creator , Faith No More, FKA Twigs, Thom Yorke, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes are all confirmed to Roskilde Festival 2020. Dates 27.June to 4.July. More info at

Pavement, Bikini Kill, Massive Attack, The National, The Strokes and Lana Del Ray are confirmed to Primavera Barcelona 2020. For more info check

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