Haiku is the open source reincarnation of the advanced Be operating system, known as BeOS. The Haiku project is now 10 years old and the team is out with their third Alpha release. Distrita is looking into this new and wild OS for you.

For anyone who might be new to Haiku, here are some features:

  • Pervasive multithreading
  • A hybrid microkernel
  • A single, clean, orthogonal API
  • A native, mature windowing system
  • An advanced, journaling, database file system
  • Decent and growing hardware support

The original BeOS architecture was designed and written by a small development team over 10 or so years. It was designed to be a highly responsive, developer-friendly, personal operating system. Some of the parts is even taken from the old but known AmigaOS.

You can read more about this interesting OS if interested on OSNews.com website.

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