The most important rain from stars of the spring, the so-called Eta Aquarids, coming from the Comet Halley, visible this weekend, especially on Sunday night (day 5) Monday, which is expected to occur the

This event is mainly observable from the southern hemisphere of the planet and only occurs twice a year: in May and in October.

This year the Moon is waning, that it will encourage observation, has confirmed the astronomer Francisco Colomer, National Astronomical Observatory.

In its orbit around the Sun, the Earth goes through areas that have previously passed celestial objects like comets, and the Earth’s atmosphere attracts the particles detached from the tails of these objects.

Remains of the Halley Comet

The best time to see them is between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning of Sunday to Monday In the case of the Eta Aquarids, Earth passes through an area that has previously passed the Comet Halley, which in its orbit around the Sun – path that completes every 75 years – loses small particles entering ignition to go beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Therefore, although right now the Comet Halley in the depths of the outer solar system – it will not land until 2061-, is possible to see the remains of the tail of this star.

Despite their size – they do not exceed the mm-, dust particles that form the Eta Aquarids travel at high speeds, about seventy kilometers per second, which favors the ignition and the “shooting star” that we see.

Colomer has explained that the meteors will cross the sky and will come from the address where is the star Eta, in the constellation of Aquarius.

They will be during the night, although it is expected a maximum between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning of Sunday to Monday.

However, it has been pointed out that this can not know with security at 100 percent, not even the number of meteors per hour, which can vary between 60 and 120, which would see the fall of one of these particles at least – he said – every minute.

For this astronomer, while this rain of stars is not impressive, Yes it can be very nice, hence that encouraged all citizens to find a dark location, away from the light pollution of the cities or towns.