Eating Pizza for breakfast is healthier than eating cereal in the morning many websites have written recently. We look into this statement as it is quite controvertial. How can pizza even be mentioned with health and correct nutrition income? We take a look!

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” Chelsey Amer which is a nutritionist commented The Daily Meal

Become Healthy by Eating Pizza For Breakfast

Become Healthy by Eating Pizza For Breakfast

Same amount of calories in pizza as in cereal

Amer says that pizza isn’t meaning healthy food at all, but when pizza is compared with sugar-packed cereals from Kellog’s or other cereal producers, a pizza meal in the morning provides more of a well-balanced breakfast than you would think. It is a shocking fact! This also depends on what type of pizza you will eat for the breakfast. All pizzas have different type of toppings, so if you make one layer pizza. Its a good pizza for the breakfast!

Healthy pizza toppings can provide an important source of healthy protein, carbs, fats, and vegetables. You can eat simple bread with ham or other toppings on the bread. But American Pizza bun is thicker where more milk is used for making it so crusty. Italian pizza buns are flatout breakfast pizza and they are way too thin, but they also work. Pizza bun helps in giving you the nutrition that you need to get in the mornings.

Nutella on bread versus Nutella pizza for Breakfast! Which is healthier to eat for breakfast?

A pizza with Nutella topping is in this case the winner. The pizza bun makes it healthier. Some even claims that chocolate is healthy to eat in the mornings. So by combining pizza and Nutella. Then your breakfast time will give you some pretty healthy breakfast according to experts around the world. So, eating a chocolate pizza in the morning must be one of the healthiest meals that you eat.

However! Eating the very same breakfast meal everyday is not recommended by us at all. Have a week where you eat different types of food for breakfast. One day only bread and ham, other day you eat your favourite cereal and then maybe in the weekend you can get healthy with pizza in the morning. Stay healthy anyway.


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