Microsoft Excel Art

Tatsuo’s creativity is really Amazing

Do you think you are too old to do new and exciting things in life?

We think that Every soul and mind on this planet can be creative. It doesn’t matter either you are 7, 17, 47 or 77 years old. This is what we really learned when we saw the video about Tatsuo Horiuchi from Japan. He is a living proof that age doesn’t matter when it comes to creativity.

Tatsuo was at the writing of the article 77 years old. He managed to find a way to show his artistic side, by using Microsoft Excel for his art. It is an art form that is obscure but at the same time its very fun to see that a person such as him can see the joy of using this Windows app for art.

Most of the people doing art on a computer would think that this app is only for spreadsheet calculations. But, many were so wrong! Including us, we must admit.

Drawings and Picture Manipulation in Microsoft Excel

In this video below, you can see he is drawing and putting images together in the program. He uses the basic drawing functions that the Microsoft Excel app program has as well as the basic picture functions and has made it into his hobby. Any hobby is great to have for any age.

At the age of 77, Tatsuo is doing some very impressive art in Microsoft Excel. He is a living example for many people of his age. If you continue exploring, creating, imagining, then you will have a rich life. However! If you stop using your mind and creativity, your whole aura will suffer. It will affect your immune system which will break down much faster.

You will also be vulnerable to many illnesses as well as the advancement of age. So what he is doing is something everyone at his age should do.

Tatsuo Horiuchi makes Amazing art

Personally, I think that this elderly man in Japan is doing great art for his age. He is for sure the Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel as described in the video.

Tatsuo uses his artistic side at his age of 77 and lives a healthier life than most. He manages to create amazing art and paintings with just using Microsoft Excel. He is a very good example for everyone at any age. Be creative, have a healthier life. It is really that simple!

How to be creative with Microsoft Excel

All of this is made with Microsoft Excel. Who would think that it is?

He found out that Excel can be used for more than just an accounting spreadsheet. He liked it and uses his creativity to so others can enjoy his pieces and perhaps inspire them. Everything that you and I do in our life is to express ourselves. Art is showing what Tatsuo Horiuchi loves doing and that’s what art creativity is all about too.

All of his paintings and creations need not to be loved by anyone. But from my perspective, I think he is doing an amazing job. I really like his paintings and it really shows that anyone at any age can show their creative side and style.

Be creative – Be healthy … Simple, isn’t it? It is…! He is proof of that.


Source: Great Big Story on YouTube