In Ukraine there are dating sites that promises more than most of men hearts can handle. Young students works in these dating sites to teach in how to write better English, but these dating sites also gives fake promises to the victims. Over 80% of all Ukraine dating sites have other women writing for the one on the pictures you see. Also these sites charges you for opening letters which isn’t even from the girl that you think is behind that picture.

In Poltava, there are Dating companies on almost every corner. This business is giving the Dating sites in Ukraine lots of money, but also screws with peoples naive love. But Ukraine does not only have students writing for the dating sites, but also women pretending to love you. They get as much money from you as they can, only to not have any contact with you anymore. So Ukraine have even services that helps you in getting your stuff back from the victims, which they earn money on.

Distrita recommends people to not use dating sites that charges you for opening letters. Don’t put your temptation into having a nice girl from these sites, as they can put you in wrong hands. Love can hurt you a lot, when you find out that the dating site you use is only doing this for the money.

Be aware and do not fall into economic ruin. Distrita have chosen not to link to any of these sites as you should never let them ruin your life. Thanks to NRK (Norwegian Broadcaster) for sharing this, so Distrita can share this with you.

NRK – Brennpunkt