And at the end there was no miracle in the Camp Nou. Perhaps in part because the magician who could have it done even jumped to the lawn. Lionel Messi, with an ill-timed injury, watched from the bench as his team, FC Barcelona, was swept 3-0 by a far superior in the Champions League Bayern Munich.

The German set had already proved its strength in the match of roun  with a resounding 4-0.

Thus consummated the final German advance, a day after the Borussia Dortmund dispatch Real Madrid in the other semifinal despite losing 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu

The Barcelona without Messi was a caricature of the team that dazzled for years in Europe and hardly came to the goalkeeping of Manuel Heuer.

The first part ended with a tie to zero and with little faith on the local computer in a possible comeback. The second hurricane of the Bavarian team, who was ahead in the 48 minute with a goal from Dutchman Arjen Robben’s powerful shot with his left leg that embedded itself in the Víctor Valdés squad came.

From that moment, the Barcelona collapsed and was at the mercy of Bayern, who extended the lead in the 72 minute with a goal own goal from Gerard Pique after rejecting a pass from Frank Ribery.

Thomas Müller with a powerful header ended the scoring in minute 76 again a pass from Ribery.


So on 25, Wembley will see the consecration of a German team as the best in Europe, and Bayern will have opportunity to make forget its cruel defeat on penalties at the end of last year, which fell against Chelsea.

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