Barcelona asks you to keep your shirt onCatalunya’s biggest city has a message to all of you out there. The authorities of Barcelona are tired of seeing tourists stagger around the city center, often wearing only a swimming shorts or a bikini. They are afraid that the city will lose its self respect if the situation continues. Earlier you could see some few half fat German and English football fans who walked around La Rambla and the Güell Park on the warmest summer days, which many saw through the fingers. But when more and more families on vacation have begun to do the same more and more often, the city has to set an own limit. Now for example the family fathers are wearing their swimming shorts when they make purchases in shops. It is not just a question of aesthetics but also about hygiene. No one wants to go into a bus with a half naked man when it is hot, writes the Catalan newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya. The city’s residents believe that swimwear belongs on the beach, and not in the city. The new Barcelona campaign tells the tourists that they would not gone around in swimwear when they move round in their own city, and that they should not do it in Barcelona, either.

Map of Barcelona