Today it’s time to introduce Bao for you. So, what does Bao mean? The name Bao is of Chinese origin. The meaning of Bao is “treasure”. It is also of Vietnamese origin, where its meaning is “protection“. Bánh bao (meaning wrapping cake) is a ball-shaped bun containing pork or chicken meat, onions, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables, in Vietnamese cuisine, according to Wikipedia.

In Asia Bao is the Number 1 in street food. It is a super popular dish which everybody loves and is widely available on street stalls everywhere. While the Baos may be eaten at any meal, as lunch or dinner, they are probably most often eaten for breakfast.

Trendy cities like London, New York and Los Angeles have served Bao for a long time. Now you can finally try out authentic Bao in Norway. We have passed by this restaurant several times, and looked forward to it’s opening. Bao House is brand new and opened just some few days ago. We really looked forward to testing out Bao, because this is something unique. This is the first restaurant in Oslo serving Bao. Bao House has taken tempting photos for the menu display and the commercial standing outside.


Healthy fast food option in Oslo

Oslo just got it’s first Bao House, folks! Congratulations! Finally a more healthy choice than the other fast food chains.

We are checking out their Facebook site:

This portable snack or meal is definitely the king of street food in Asia. Baozi, literally “little bag”, is a bun made with flour and yeast, filled with various preparations, and steamed in bamboo baskets. It is a popular dish and widely available on street stalls. While they can be eaten at any meal, baozi or simply Bao are often eaten for breakfast. Whatever the names, Bao is on the rise, and it is not just because of its dough. From New York to Paris, London or Sydney, this “pillowy” bun is becoming the new star of the modern street food, appearing on the menus of the trendiest eateries. So, what is your favorite type?

Bao Chicken

Friendly, service minded staff

When we are entering the Bao House the guy at the counter welcomes us. He seems to have lots of orders already, although this is the launch week! We have to wait a little time to order, but he is quick. The restaurant is quite small, but big enough for 20-30 people. I think lots of the customers order take-away too. One of the walls have a green forest background. The rest of the interior is made by wood. The display menu looks appealing for our lunch. The only question is what should we choose? The guy is more than willing to give us some suggestions, but he says that all the Baos taste great. They have 7 Baos on the list, and they have a special offer: Choose 3 Baos + 1 drink for 149 kroner ($ 19). We decide to give it a go. My friend orders Number 1, 2 and 3 (Chicken, Pork and Vegetarian) while I order Number 4, 5 and 6 (Beef, Lamb and Duck). They also have many healthy drink options as well. My friend orders a GING while I’m going for their owned mixed drink: “Sweet Ginger”, an ice-cold yellow drink with freshly pressed fruit, orange, peer, ginger and pineapple.

Ginger Sweet

Refreshing, healthy drinks and more

We just find a table and wait for some few minutes, actually not long at all, maybe 2 or 3 minutes, and we get our first Bao… It’s tasty, fresh and absolutely delicious.

The guy at the counter asks us if we like it, and he also explains how he has prepared the food for us.

-Oh lord, I can feel that it’s healthy, my friend states. And I say: -Yes, finally a healthier place in town where we can have lunch! You feel much better after eating it as well! And it’s a good value. 3 Baos are enough to get full! And the drinks are absolutely refreshing and yummy! We will definitely spend more lunch breaks at Bao House in the future!

Bao House is located in Brugata 19 in Grønland and is open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Saturday. You can check out their Facebook site:

Baohouse on Facebook

Map of where You can find Bao House

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