Baked salmon with orange and Parmesan crust

Decidedly, this Baked Salmon recipe will soon be the one that we will include in a celebration menu to surprise our guests, it is a simple, comfortable preparation that offers an excellent result. It is not the first fish in crust that we prepare, remember the Hake baked in almond crust, but with salmon we have more habit of doing it grilled or grilled, we love to toast the surface and keep a juicy interior, the combination of Textures and flavors of the same piece in a bite, we love it.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 loins of fresh salmon

40 grams of panko (or crumb of dried and crumbled bread)

15 grams of freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1 gram of grated orange peel (we have used blood orange and normal, about 1 c / p heaped)

15 grams of chopped almonds

1/2 tender onion

freshly ground black pepper

ginger powder

50 grams of extra virgin olive oil.


Preheat the oven to 210º C with heat up and down. Prepare the baking sheet, cover it with aluminum foil, vegetable paper or Teflon, and brush with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Put in a bowl the panko, the freshly grated cheese, the orange peel (you can use dry skin if you have, or freshly grated), the chopped almond and the tender onion, previously peeled and cut into brunoise.

Add the ginger powder, quantity to taste, and black pepper, mix well with a spoon and then add the olive oil. Mix again to get a preparation that with the pressure unites, but not that is encharcado in oil, you can pour it little by little to make sure of it, because depending on the bread crumb you use you may need less oil.

Clean the loins of salmon well, make sure it has no spines and dry them well with paper towels. Place them on the baking sheet and cover them carefully with the preparation that will form the crusty crust after baking. Press lightly to adhere well.

When the oven is at the indicated temperature, introduce the tray with the fish at medium height and bake for approximately 15 minutes, everything will depend on how thick the loins are and the taste of the diner, if you like the undercooked or very made salmon . It will be easy to check the cooking point.


Prepare a varied salad to accompany the Baked Salmon with orange and Parmesan crust, serve the fish fresh from the oven, with the golden and crispy crust, very tasty and juicy, along with the salmon. A delicious main course that you will surely repeat. Enjoy your meal!